Sunday, June 8, 2014

Hobby Farm Stuff

My apologies to Grace for forgetting to credit her with her beautiful fabric gift to me! The bag was from Footprints Quilt Shoppe in East Rochester, New Hampshire, right on Route 202 by the Maine border.
Grace knows that I love reds! Wheeee! Grace, thank you so much, you're the best friend ever!!

Those are definitely Judie Rothermel's Scarlet Evening. In the background are a couple of Civil War scraps, well pretty big hunks for scraps, they are just under 1/4 of a yard, that I think came from Cyndi Black's Busy Thimble shop in Litchfield, Maine.
Those scraps had just come in from the clothesline where I had prewashed them.

The clothesline doesn't actually shrink up the fabric as wonderfully as my electric dryer, but it has the advantage of drying the cloth virtually wrinkle free such that it needs no ironing. The next shot shows a one yard piece of a Windham gingham in cream and greens that will be used for the binding on the Lost & Found Quilt.

Saturday was cool enough for us to go for a ride in our un-air-conditioned car to Clark's Feed & Grain Store in Chichester on Route 28.

They have great started seedlings and Felix, our resident gardener and beloved spouse, begged me to go with him. I really wanted to sew, but who could refuse an offer to buy a Dunkin Donuts breakfast for me on the way there? LOL! Besides, he's still so handsome!

There was only one lonely Verbena left in the "Bright Eyes" pink, so I grabbed it. Sorry the photo below is so overexposed.
Hey! Maybe this is what I'm gonna look like as my hair continues to turn silver, yeay!!! I like it! As long as you are still smiling, gray hair looks great on you. You may quote me, LOL!

Felix found the zucchini that he wanted, and an extra yellow straight-neck that he'd hoped for.

There was another interesting thing there that I wanted to share with you. Look at the rainbow of colored painted tomato cages. Aren't those just the coolest thing? Imagine that!

We had a great time and left before Felix's bad ankle could bother him too much. I was happy to be the pack horse for taking the plants to the old Mercury Mountaineer.

Lastly, before I go, let me show you my proudest picture and explain it. This is the very tail end of my 25 yard roll of Pellon Nature's Touch batting that I purchased last June. Wow. I thought that it would last me a lifetime and it's gone! Used up in big wonderful quilts; five large and three smaller ones.

Stay calm and quilt on! LOL! Keep smiling, too.


Rosa said...

Such a gorgeous fabrics,have fun playing with them!!

Janet O. said...

How thoughtful of Grace!
I like your philosophy. I will keep smiling so that the grey hair looks good!! : )
Wow, my tomato cages are so boring by comparison!

Janet said...

I'd love to have some of those colourful tomato cages for my peas! Fantastic that you have made so many quilts!

Jean said...

I follow you via Feedly. I love your blog. It just is so real, so happy. I live in Alabama, FYI.

straythreads said...

all your fabric on the clothes line makes me wish I had a clothes line again.

Feathers in my Nest said...

Love, Love your Reds!! What a great friend Grace is....You & Felix are too cute. Love the pictures of you together....I have a Fuschia color tomato cage I picked up last year..just for fun..

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