Sunday, June 1, 2014


That must be the first word spoken out loud on the first day of a brand new month to assure that you will have good luck for that month. At least, that is according to the folklore in my Mother's family tradition. Felix and I have observed it with mixed results, LOL!
This morning Felix rolled over in the bed and his bony knee accidentally slammed into the side of my thigh. I screamed, "Ouch!" and, "Hey what're you doing?"
His response was, "Rabbit!" LOL! Geez, I had a bruise on my thigh and now the prospect of bad luck all month, too, since I had spoken up before saying "rabbit."

Now, what's a girl to do?

I did end the month of May with great times when Felix took me out for prime rib on our 44th wedding anniversary on Friday. We still enjoy each others' company and we never take these Golden Years for granted. I'm married to my best friend!!!!

Saturday afternoon Ellen Peters helped to get that "Lost & Found" quilt that Buddy had brought in to the Senior Center loaded onto her longarm. Here she is loading a new bobbin for me.

This big twin-sized quilt took three bobbins and lots of sore muscles for me. When I rent time on Ellen's longarm, there are many weeks in between sessions, so I never seem to develop any immunity from the muscle strain. But I have a ball doing it and in two or three hours a quilt is quilted! So it is well worth the effort to me.

I tried doing some freehand feathers in the borders on this quilt and it was the first time that I had ever done them on the big machine. It was quite challenging to make smooth sweeps of the plumes! It also was much more time-consuming than just doing my world famous spirals, LOL! The best compromise was to put the feathers out on the border and the spirals on the log cabin blocks. Here are the spirals.

The thread was a kind of cocoa-colored buff that worked with everything and didn't show off my frequent mistakes. Here is a section of the border.

They aren't very professional, but they're holding the quilt together! I'm just pleased to have the practice session to try it.

For those of you reading along from far away from New Hampshire, here is what the quick shower over the "Big Lake," as Lake Winnepesaukee is known to be, looked like as I drove home.

As for the promised giveaway, the Andrew Hedges Random Number generator selected #118 from the 206 list at 2pm today. That person is Cindy Dahlgren!! Congratulations, Cindy! I have emailed you and I will forward your name and address to the Clothworks Textiles coordinator as soon as you get it to me.

If you weren't a winner, I'm still very glad that you stopped by to visit my quilt blog. THANK YOU!!
Happy quilting!


Janet O. said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Felix!
I don't think my arms could quilt that long--ever! Good work.
Having been all around "the Big Lake" last year, it is fun to get another glimpse of it here.

Auntie Em said...

Happy Anniversary! 44 years is a good, long time. Congrats!

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