Monday, June 30, 2014

Lab Work

My elderly Labrador retriever is at least eight years old. As a rescue dog, we aren't really sure. We know that we've owned her for 7 years and she was an adult when we got her. Raven is a lovey dog who wants to please, loves her people and loves her cookies (dog biscuits).

Her lab work (no pun intended) has come back with the results of a poorly functioning liver. Our beloved vet discussed many reasons that might be the case. If it is something as minimal as a bacterial infection, we could get off easy, but he warned us that he fears it is more serious. Still, we are going in steps and are administering a powerful antibiotic for the next two weeks. All of your concern and prayers are so appreciated!

In the past few days, my mailbox has been full of quilty treasures that I wanted to share with you. First, is this breath-taking miniature ornament only two inches square. It was paper pieced by my dear friend, Janet O from Rogue Quilter. The basket is framed by some Marcus Brothers red that she had wanted and that I was happy to send to her. She sent the ornament to thank me, wow!

To show you the tiny scale, I also photographed this showing the signature selvedge of the background fabric.

It is the dearest ornament!!! Thank you so very much, Janet!

On another day, my two inch half width of fabric green strips showed up in my mailbox. Now I'm rich in greens!

Thank you, Subee, our fabulous washed swap hostess over at Quiltville Swap!

My other swap group is Block_swappers and I am proud to have designed a Civil War nine-patch and hostessed the exchange.

My swap called for blue in the corners and a red center with teabag tans as the alternate. That funny looking black thing in the photo above is Miss Tanner's tail.

She was very helpful in arranging the different variety of blocks for the photo shoot, LOL!

Last but far from least is a wonderful gift from my dear friend, Grace! She has sent me an excuse to visit the Mothership (a.k.a. Keepsake Quilting's retail store) with a gift certificate. Wheeeee!

THANK YOU so much, Grace!!!

As I hide in the air conditioned house, I hope that you are as blessed as I am!

Happy quilting!


Janet O. said...

I do hope Raven will be okay!
So glad you like your little ornament. It was fun to make it for you with that lovely red fabric!
You have had wonderful mail lately!!
Oh, sweet, sweet Grace. How thoughtful of her!

antique quilter said...

I love that ornament Janet is amazing working that small isn't she, love the greens wow!
keep going on those nine patches, love patriotic quilts and 9 patches fun
ps will keep good thoughts oN Raven too

Helen in the UK said...

Sending lots of hugs to Raven. Really hope she is recovering soon :)

cityquilter grace said...

victoria failed to mention that i accidentally absconded with some of her charm squares from our keepsake shopping trip, so naturally i had to compensate her somehow....lovely other treasures!

julieQ said...

Praying for that sweet baby dog...and I love your gift from Janet...she is such a sweetheart!

Feathers in my Nest said...

Oh, thank you for posting the update on our beloved Raven...I will continue to send prayers & good thoughts your way...XXOO. She is such a precious angel....keep us posted..

Loving your Greens...(my favorite color) looks like a really nice variety..

Kay said...

I've been thinking about you all and wondering how Raven is doing since being put on antibiotics?
I hope that she is showing signs of improvement. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Beth in MN said...

Praying for Raven. Since I do not have a pet dog, I like to keep track of your adorable Labs. Love your Muddy Milky Way. Those medium neutrals make the quilt so much more interesting.

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