Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Staying Cool

The air conditioning at the Senior Center in Alton, New Hampshire was most welcome to me and The Sunshine Club today. Before Georgiana and Abe could get all the big round tables set up for lunch, Sue was able to spread out her finished and pressed quilt top so we could measure it. It looks great, Sue!!!

I think that it was 71" X 106", a nice twin for her niece, I believe. Once we got the final measurements of the top, then we were able to figure two width-of-fabric panels that were about 109 long. Sue sewed the two selvedges together and will trim off the edges with scissors.

Margorie was working on cutting out squares for her newest baby quilt. But she took a break to look at all the yummy pictures of quilt blocks in a book that Sue brought in for us.

Georgiana and Henry joined us for chat and chocolate, and Henry had even bought some Dunkin Donuts donut holes to munch with our coffee.

As for me, I was hand hemming that "Lost & Found quilt. I just started it today, so I'll be working on it for a while, LOL! And it better be inside in the air conditioning!

By the time I left, it was about 86F and that's wayyyyyy too hot for me to enjoy, LOL!

Here's something for you to view to cool down; a potted cobalt blue Lobelia in bloom. This was a gift from my dear sister, Suzanne.

From that same big box of "found" fabric, was a half yard hunk of this pretty pale seafoam green that I believe is a blend of polyester and cotton. I will not use blends in my quilts, so I quickly made it up as a little cat mat for the shelter.

My clothesline is in full summer swing drying prewashed fabrics, too.

These three reds represent all my idols in fabric design! There are Jo Morton for Andover, Judie Rothermel for Marcus, and Barbara Brackman for Moda.

Now if I can possibly just bring myself to cut into them, LOL!

I hope that your day is just as filled with fun things that you love.

Happy quilting!


Janet O. said...

Aren't you grateful for AC? We are experiencing unusually cold weather this week, but last week we made good use of it!

antique quilter said...

I am grateful for ac right now too hot here on the east coast!
love your new reds!

Feathers in my Nest said...

Did you know that Blue Lobelia is my most favorite annual?! I have them everywhere...Beautiful Reds on the line Vic....I agree, will be hard to cut into them..

Elaine Adair said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your clothesline photos!!! Old Timey, yet these days, we all wish we had one!

BTW, we turned the heat on this morning! What a diff. between your climate and ours!

Happy quilting!

Christy Bartlett said...

I always love reading your blogs, Victoria! We had a lovely day with BMQG in the binding class, but I like your binding instructions to get a nice even binding. Think I'll go buy that starch! Christy Dolat Bartlett

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