Sunday, September 14, 2014

All Scrappy Jacob's Ladder

Today was blessedly cool and breezy and perfect for line drying some Civil War neutrals. I am working very hard at playing with the fabrics that I already have in my stash rather than just continually buying more.

It was fun to wish my older sister, Suzanne, a happy 70th birthday, even if it was only on the phone, for she had run off to Maine. We made an appointment for an ice cream treat at Alton Bay, New Hampshire's  Shibley's restaurant on Tuesday after The Sunshine Club. That left me free to go quilting at Ellen Peter's "Cats Whiskers Quilting Studio" in Laconia, New Hampshire!!! Wheee!

Linda and Roseanne were piecing and binding and were great company. Linda showed me her authentic 1930's signature quilt that she will be repairing where some of the fabrics "popped" (disintegrated).

Meanwhile, Ellen was loading me up to get longarm quilting on her big machine. A great big super-duper "THANK YOU" to Ellen for all her help and coaching! She's a wonderful teacher!

This was my scrappy Jacob's Ladder with the four-patch pieced border. I had chosen a Stewart Tartan yarn-dyed woven plaid flannel for the backing. I love RED!!!!

After an hour of quilting, Ellen suggested that we all take a break and go to get a Dairy Queen treat, so we piled into her car and went. I learned too that yesterday had been Ellen's birthday. Happy belated birthday, Ellen!
The real adventure was that we rescued a small white Bison Frise lost dog. He was scampering right across the intersection of the very busy traffic light at the corner of Oak and Main Street!!!
We cruised the neighborhood telling everyone we had found the dog. He went with us to the D.Q. and tried their cup of complimentary water. He sniffed it politely, but refused.

Two little boys eventually came to the door to say that it was their lost dog, so all was well. But Ellen's very gentle rescue Collie dogs sure were curious before the owners showed up, LOL!
Roseanne spoke to the boys' Mom and learned that the dog was new to the household by only two days. She'll need to be much more careful.

I quilted the Jacob's Ladder with Mary Johnson's freehand Baptist Fans.Link here.I was so very grateful to not need the Groovy Boards that are cumbersome and time-consuming. The Groovy Boards are perfect for when you want great accuracy, but this was a practice quilt of a utilitarian nature. Thank you so very much, Mary!!!

It was one O' clock when I started, and five when I finished, with a one hour D.Q. and dog break, so I figure that's three hours for a top that measured at 86" square before quilting. It would've been twice that if I had needed to trace the patterns on the Groovy Boards.

As tired as I was when I got home, I did trim off the extra backing and batting, just using scissors and my trusty kneeling pad.

Tomorrow I bind!!!

Thank you to the good techies that are helping me to produce blog posts again.

Happy sewing!


Janet O. said...

I'm glad you are able to post, Vic!
Sounds like you had quite the day!
What beautiful collies--and a cute little lost doggie. I'm glad it made it back home. : )
Another very attractive, totally scrappy quilt! Wonderful!

Fleurette said...

Your scrappy Jacobs Ladder is just beautiful - love it!

cityquilter grace said...

such a pretty quilt vic and a flannel back too....sounds heavenly on these ever-cooling mornings...a great snuggle quilt!

Jo said...

I love-love-love your quilt. It's the best kind..scrappy.

Marge Gordon said...

Love love love your Jacob's Ladder, great job!

Marge Gordon said...

Love love love your Jacob's Ladder, great job!

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