Monday, September 8, 2014

Marcus Brothers' Blocks

 This is the basket block from August 30th, I believe. I chose to use some of the last bits of the Busy Thimble snippets green in the center that I believe is an older Jo Morton, and when I was running out of it used what I KNOW is a Jo morton for the basket bottoms. The cheddar is an Andover, too

 Then for this past week's entry, was it Nancy Rink, I think? I made the block above. As I have worked on these blocks, I have been using a Marcus Brothers' background. But the second block in the series, shown on the left below, I had done with one of the odd snippets backgrounds. Later I decided that it looked too white to work with all the rest.

In the process of re-working the block for the matching background in that lovely rich tea-bag tan, I discovered that my first block was sewn all wrong. I had put the dark black and olive green outer units in completely backwards. If you look at the correctly sewn block on the right, you can see that they describe a square on point around the cheddar spinners. I never realized it until I was making the block again.

In the meantime, I am loving this cooler weather! Perhaps we are finally done with the horrid summertime with all the bugs and weeds. Everybody loves the Fall!

Happy sewing!


Kate said...

Ooh! I particularly love that basket block, Vic! Love the design, and love the colors you chose. Have you solved your computer woes?

Janet O. said...

Two very pretty blocks. Your fabrics are beautiful!
I never would have caught the error on that first block. : )

cityquilter grace said...

looking good vic! we are closing in on wrapping this up soon!

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