Monday, September 8, 2014

Still Trying

This is the Alton Senior Center that is under construction from pictures I took on the 2nd of September.. I am trying to use new ways to find my pictures to be able to post. Thank you you all for your patience!

Sue was working on her all greys jelly roll 1600 inches top.

It is very difficult still to post pictures, many steps are needed to find them. This is Marjorie with her layout.
Happy sewing.


cityquilter grace said...

i went through that with my files after staples downloaded them from my crashed motherboard...but even tho it took time, i was glad i still had them...keep calm and carry on!

Janet O. said...

Grace has a good point--but the frustration I see for you is that your computer hadn't crashed and someone was supposed to be doing something to help you. Arrrgh!
It is good to see that you are still trying. I would hate to lose your posts!!

kathy said...

vic, we trust that it will get solved in time but do not let your frustration lead to you giving up this blog

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