Monday, September 29, 2014

Rolling Along

Most of my area here in the Lakes Region is still not yet at peak color for the beautiful Fall foliage. This is just in front of my house and you can see that only a bit of one tree is glowing.

But further on my way to Alton, New Hampshire, only a couple of miles away, the same roadway looked like this!

Frequently, as you are driving along, a sudden gust of wind will send a swirling shower of golden brown leaves all around you and drawing you into Autumn's glory. It is fabulous!

My clothesline was decorated with some lovely buckskin backgrounds in my beloved Civil War tones, thanks to Keepsake's warehouse sale.

I had fun over the weekend finishing up the last of the Marcus Brother's Sew Along blocks, too.

I had to pay attention to the color order of the strips, but there were no problems with it.

If you'd like to make this one, it is by Lisa Shepard Stewart who write the "Marcus Mentions" blog. Here is the link.

Her directions were very easy to follow and after a nice pressing with some starch, I was delighted that the block measured a perfect 8 1/2". Wheeeee!

 I'm looking forward to the big final reveal on Friday of how the blocks will be set. Mostly, I'm pleased to have been able to keep pace, LOL!

Happy sewing!


cityquilter grace said...

me too glad i could keep up and that it is a short sew along....nice blocks...

Janet O. said...

Nice finish on your SAL blocks. I am very curious to see the layout.
You have more color in your neighborhood than we do. : )

Helen in the UK said...

We don't have much autumn colour yet as the weather has been unusually mild so far. Your washing line looks lovely too with all those fabrics :)

antique quilter said...

just loving the color changes every day on my morning walk we have a few more weeks to go before peak I hope!

Crickets Corner said...

So wish I had been able to come back east this year. It's been three years and I miss spending two weeks surrounding myself with the beautiful colors and soaking up the atmosphere. It feeds my soul. Thanks for posting the pictures to give me just a little feel of autumn in New England.

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