Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Making Our Own Sunshine

There were cool showers this morning as I drove to The Pearson Road Community Center (a.k.a. the Senior Center) in Alton, New Hampshire, for The Sunshine Club. The leaves are still all green now, but a frost advisory is up for Thursday and Friday nights. Soon we will have the gorgeous New England fall colors on the trees.

 The roofing is not complete on the addition to the building and a few damp puddles collected inside. But there is no need to worry, as there is no sheet rock inside yet either. Sunny breezes arrived in the afternoon.

At The Sunshine Club, Marjorie, (on the left below) had been given a Moda Sandy Gervais jelly roll in lovely fall-like colors. She and Sue (on the right) had great fun playing with color arrangements.

The more we played, the better it looked! Here is what we all liked for color placement.

We realized, of course, that you cannot truly control a jelly roll 1600" quilt top's strips, but it sure was fun to try, LOL!

Later, Sue was quilting her all-greys jelly roll quilt on her domestic sewing machine. She was doing a wonderful job of stitching in the ditch down the long strips.
I encouraged her to keep reversing direction to help prevent any rippling underneath. To the best of my knowledge, Sue doesn't have a walking foot, but her Singer was going right along on the three layers without skipping stitches.

And how about that great faux leopard fabric bag that Sue got at Joann's? It's roomy enough to take her folded up quilt! Sue is unstoppable when she's quilting and that's what I love about her!

After Marjorie put her strips away to sew at home, she pulled out a baggie of sugar pink yo-yos to work on!

Yesterday, in the sunny breezes, I prewashed a whole beautiful group of fat quarters that had been given to me by Debra. She is from western Massachusetts and she visited us with her husband Pete.

I love them all so much, thank you, Debra!!! 
These browns just glow!

There was another gift that I received recently that I am pleased with, but will dispose of properly, LOL!

At the foot of my favorite chair out on the deck, either Mr. Tipper, or Miss Tanner, left me a nice fresh dead mouse!

Thank you, my pretty cats, for NOT letting them run through my kitchen or pantry!!!

The cooler weather had me ready to put another quilt on the bed, and I chose the reproduction Churn Dash that I finished this spring.

This one is only 82" square, but it fits our queen nicely. I had used the Nature's Touch by Pellon for the batting, so it is a wee bit drapier than Warm & Natural batting and a little lighter.

It was fabulous fun to collect all of the 6" (finished in the quilt) churn dash blocks from all over the country in our Civil War reproduction swap!

The 4" (finished in the quilt) cornerstones are scrappy four patches that I made myself, that is, they were not swapped.

That was because the Block swapper's four-patches are generic fabrics and this time, I wanted all Civil War stuff. After all, I AM a fabric snob!!! Not a people snob, but definitely a fabric snob.

The quilting was done with my freehand hearts and loops on Ellen Peter's HandiQuilter Avanti, and I'm pleased with my progress at getting more smoothly flowing lines.

My sister, Suzanne's birthday celebration was postponed for one day until tomorrow, so I'll miss my Wednesday Sew & Sews group but I'm sending them my best regards!

Happy stitching!


Janet O. said...

I think it is good to mix up the fabrics for a Jelly roll quilt. I've never made one, but my friend has made several. She always mixes up the fabrics, and hers are my favorites. : )
Love the churn dash on your bed! Looks so cozy!!

cityquilter grace said...

love that churn dash quilt vic...sooo right for fall too. lovin' this cool weather eh?

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