Friday, October 10, 2014

No Wheels, But No Whining

My car is somewhat out of commission as Felix works on repairing the passenger side stuck window, but I did go to Alton, New Hampshire with his car.
Tuesday's Sunshine Club was busy and productive and most of all, lots of fun! Sue was hard at work quilting straight lines on her Rainbow Jelly Roll quilt, but here she was eating an apple.

The director of The Alton Senior Center, Roney (pronounced, row NAY), was using her really cool apple paring tool to skin, slice, and core, these fresh Macintosh beauties for us.

She would dip the finished apples into a bowl of water mixed with a bit of citric acid to prevent the peeled cored apples from turning that unattractive brown color.

Margorie was given some lovely new-to-her blue fat quarters and was cutting them into 5" charms for her baby quilt.

I used "Scottie", my Scotland-made Featherweight to sew those last two pieced borders onto my Shenandoah Valley 1600" jelly roll top.

The workmen weren't there on the addition, but here is what it looked like.

They had put stretched plastic over the raw openings as it was pretty rainy.

Back at home, I have begun to work on assembling the "Birthday Girl" blocks for my Celtic Solstice, designed by Bonnie K. Hunter.

Bonnie's block had the chevron units facing outward to form a square on point, but I prefer the star effect by pointing them inward.

These blocks are complicated enough that I need to pin one that is done onto my plywood wall as a model to look at to check it as I go.

They sure are pretty! Thank you, Bonnie!! If you haven't yet been to her website you must visit it here. That link will take you to the introduction to her newest mystery, which is set to begin on Friday, November 28th!
Whooohoo! She's calling it Grand Illusion and has promised it to be a wee bit easier this time.

Speaking of easy, I had to resort to making a couple of my pretty sachets filled with French Lavender just to feel that I can finish something.

They were done with done leftover Marcus Brothers sew along scraps and they smell wonderful. Love that cheddar, too!

Happy sewing!


Needled Mom said...

Your Solstice block looks wonderful. I love her yearly QAL.

It looks like everyone was having a sew-fun time.

swooze said...

Looking good! You'll have it all done done by the time the next starts right? :D

Janet O. said...

Hope you get your wheels back soon!
Your Celtic Solstice blocks look so pretty!
I think I can smell the lavender from here! : )

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