Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Quilt Show Views

Here are just a few more random pictures from the Belknap Mill quilter's Guild show this past weekend for you to enjoy.

You may click on any picture to enlarge it.

My personal bias is towards the traditional quilts and away from the arty quilts, so there you have it!

On the home front, Felix brought in all the few tomatoes in fear of a frost that never happened.

As for me, I had hoped that I could just finish assembling the last of those Celtic Solstice Bonnie Hunter 54-40 or Fight blocks. Alas! I was missing 3 of the tri-recs pieces to complete the last one, grrrrrr!

I am still not sure if I miscounted them or lost them. so I made more and moved on.

That's 25 done and now to begin assembling the yellow chevron blocks. OMG, I hope that I haven't lost any of those units!!!
I needed a quick finish to boost my mojo, so I had some fun with slamming together some 9-patches and bordering them.

These were just scraps and not very special to me but fun to play with! Here is a closer look at the fabrics:

I kept getting interrupted by the phone and by dog calls ( I am also an Animal Control Officer), but I managed to get scrap pieces of batting sewed together for it. I'm not sure what to use for backing yet.

Maybe a plaid flannel in wild magenta purple? As my Dad used to say, "We'll see. And that's final!"

Happy sewing!

1 comment:

Janet O. said...

Those first two quilts really spoke top me.
Your Celtic Solstice colors are so pretty together. Did you see that Bonnie has already revealed the colors for her next mystery?
Love the "slamming together" of 9-patches, and it sounds like your Dad was a wise man. : )

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