Sunday, October 5, 2014

Quilt Show

Yesterday was rainy and cool and a perfect day to take my dear friend and neighbor, Ilse, out to the Belknap Mill Quilter's Guild annual show. I took this first picture especially for my friend, Sally, who used to place all these signs, but has since moved away to California.

I offer a blanket apology to all these quilters who's names I did not photograph, and to all those whose quilts were omitted here, but the show was fairly crowded and I only took a few shots. Please just enjoy it for what it's worth.

I did gravitate to the scrappy quilts, but that is just my personal bias!

I loved these homespun stars with raw-edge machine applique seen above.

The above is Shirley's "Farmer's Wife" quilt that is all hand-pieced! It's a gorgeous quilt!!!!

Judy's quilt was a dear small quilt done with hand quilting in the "big stitch."

The guild's boutique table was fun to shop, too. I bought a couple of items for gifts, and also made a contribution to the American Cancer Society for Tracy's raffle.Link here.

We had a great day!

Happy sewing!

1 comment:

Janet O. said...

I'm glad you gravitate to the scrappy quilts--I like to see them! : )
Oh, I especially like Judy's little quilt, but I bet that comes as no surprise!

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