Thursday, January 29, 2015

After The Big Storm

I spent most of yesterday "itchin' to be stitchin" because of a marvelous new post out from Barbara Brackman over at her Civil War Quilts blog.
But due to the big blizzard "Juno" here in the Northeast, I spent all day working with Husband Wonderful, my guy Felix, shoveling and sweeping snow off cars as he plowed. Matthew was at work so he was unavailable to help this time.

We make a good team on snow removal! Yikes, this is my car! That's a broom handle lying on the snow in the foreground.

The way we work it, Felix plows and then I move all the swept vehicles to the freshly plowed area and wait while he plows the spot where they had been. Then I move them back while he plows the area down near the street.

This storm dropped 18" but the high winds made three foot drifts in places. We were so glad to see the sun come out!

There were frequent breaks for coffee, chocolate, and a yummy beef stew. We were able to finish up before dark.

It's that kind of packed powder that squeaks whenever you walk on it. All the skiers are in heaven!

It sure does give me peace of mind to be all plowed out in the hopefully unlikely event that any emergency were to arise. That means that if I start to burn the house down, a fire truck could get here!

Thus, this morning, I was stitching even before breakfast, and having a ball digging through various Civil War shirtings.

The above star fabric is a lovely old design from Barbara Brackman that I bought at Keepsake Quilting last summer with my dear friend Grace while we enjoyed their tent sale.

The two fabrics of the next star are also Barbara Brackman's. The red is from her Old Curiousity Shoppe of Metropolitan Fair, that I used before for the Turkey Reds block. I'm uncertain if the gorgeous mauve-y pink floral in the center square can honestly be called a shirting or not, but I just love it and had to use some!

You may click on any picture to enlarge it for details.

In the center square of the above example, I'm using scraps from a fat quarter that I personally "tea-dyed", except that I used leftover coffee, LOL!

When in doubt, throw in a little plaid gingham, too, say I. The center square of this one is a Jo Morton from Andover and it is quite a mellow tan.

So much fun to do the Sawtooth stars!

Happy stitching!


cityquilter grace said...

glad to see you are plowed out and can escape if need be....LOL...lovely blocks, making mine tomorrow i think...did market basket today...btw, sauders having an online sale 30% off and loads of jo mortons on sale...just look under andover to see them all...

Helen in the UK said...

...and here we are fussing about a couple of inches of snow!! Enjoy your stitching in the warm, you've earned it :)

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

I live in the South and would absolutely freak with 18" of snow! Love your stars and Barbara Brackman fabrics is one of my favorites

Janet O. said...

You really got dumped on! You two work well together. : )
Love your stars--very scrappy and vintage looking!

SueR said...

I'm in Maine. Juno was a doozy, wasn't it? We probably got at least a foot and a half as well, plus we got 10 inches yesterday. Getting ready for another 10 on Monday!

Your star blocks are so pretty!

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