Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy "Little" Christmas!

Some people call it Twelfth Night, or Three King's Day, but for us, the 6th of January is a happy "little" gift-giving event. It signals the final resting of the Christmas season for us.

Felix got me a couple of Land's End cotton turtlenecks, and I presented him with a set of those pillowcases that you saw me make back in October.

Today, when I went to the Alton, New Hampshire, Senior Center, for the Sunshine Club quilting group, I took along a goodly supply of these inexpensive red seam rippers to give out. I offered the new sharp seam ripper with the admonishment of, "I hope that you never need this!"

In the bitter cold weather, we were happy to be snug indoors! Sue was merrily cutting strips from random fat quarters for a new scrap quilt.

She got a lot accomplished with that, but her proudest moment today was her showing off her very own supply of wound bobbins. This proves that she CAN wind a good bobbin!
It was a task that our Pauline used to need to do for Sue, before Pauline returned to Tennessee. But Sue has conquered the challenge, and she did it herself! YEAY!!!

Marjorie did not brave the frigid temperatures, but we hope to see her next week. I worked on sewing my Clermont Farms charm pack throw.
Previously, I had sewn the four complete 42-piece charm packs into large random 4-patches and pressed them.

Yesterday, I took the stack of 42 four-patch blocks and did a quick layout check on my neatly made bed. I wanted a true "random" placement, LOL! That means no clumps of one color anywhere, so I fiddled with it for about twenty minutes. Random, ha!!

Clermont Farms by Moda is now out of print, but I like the red, white, blue, and tan colors because it is a country manor floral scheme, rather than a patriotic theme.
Once I had the above layout, 6 blocks by 7 blocks, I stacked them left to right, left on top of the next block to the right, then both of those on top of the next block, and so on, all the way across each row. When all seven rows were stacked, I had one complete column of those stacked rows.

My numbering slips were cut almost all the way through to make it easy to tear off the next one to be used without losing all the rest of them. Ask me how I know, LOL!

Pinning the slip to the upper left corner ensures a correct orientation of the block.

Careful, methodical work here may be boring as Hell, but it sure pays off later!

Then, when all seven stacks are pinned with a marker, I can pick them up and stack the stacks into one pile where each stack has been placed with a quarter turn. Now, it's all set and ready to set aside.

That having all been accomplished yesterday, today was the sewing of the stacks of blocks into rows!
Wheeee, progress at last!!!

All that fiddling around yesterday made today's rows a breeze. I did take the time to match each seam. Soon the blocks were all rows, Yeay!

Before I sat down to a delicious luncheon of Beef Brunswick Stew, there was a center top sewn.
Sue and I measured it at close to 53.5 by 62.5 before pressing and borders.

I've already auditioned a delightful tan neutral of Sienna and Bordeaux for the inner border, but what shall I use for the outer border, I wonder? A country blue? Or a tomato red? Not sure yet, must shop my stash!

Happy Little Christmas!


cityquilter grace said...

nice colors....

Beth in MN said...

Hey Vic, I like the idea of the "little Christmas." Your technique for getting your rows laid out and marked is a good one. Close to what I do but will just add the paper number tags to the procedure. Amazing how we learn from each other.

Janet O. said...

I love your little gift tradition. How fun!
That is a great "quick quilt" (I put that in quotes because there is no such thing). One day I am going to do that. Had to laugh about the randomness. That is so "me". : )

Susan said...

I vote for the red border! Love those colors.

Helen in the UK said...

A little organisation pays dividend down the line. Great fabrics and nice to see your Carolina Christmas peeking out from behind :)

Feathers in my Nest said...

Felix's pillowcases are Beautiful Vic...I'm seeing some georgeous fabrics..

Bonnie said...

Lots of eye candy. Just curious -- where do you get your seam rippers in bulk? I've wanted to get some for a retreat I go on but didn't start early enough to get reasonable prices.

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