Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Weekend Sojourn Of Ice

As much as I LOVE snow, I hate ice, freezing rain, and sleet. Snow is supposed to be fluffy.

Last night's storm made me groan because the 5 to 6 inches of snow got all covered up with sleet and freezing rain to present us with a slushy heavy wet mess! It took most of the day to get the driveway plowed and the cars cleaned off, but we did it. Yeay!

Saturday the postman was kind enough to drop this box at my doorstep so that I didn't need to go to the Post Office to fetch it. It is my newest supply of potpourri for my delightfully scented sachets.

Whee! My living room has the scents of French Lavender, Dried Rose Petals, and Balsam Fir needles in spite of the sealed plastic bags in which they are packed.

I could've kicked myself when I finally realized that I had forgotten to also order Fresh Canadian Catnip! Oh well!

My progress on the Bonnie K. Hunter mystery quilt has been fairly slow but steady. If you don't know about it yet, it is called ,"Grand Illusion" and the link is here.
If you'd just like to see the Monday Linky Party, that link is here.
The big reveal is always exciting and I couldn't wait to assemble a block in my colors!

To me, it looks like a big white and pink Poinsettia, and I love it! I have been assembling one block per day.

However, I remembered that I had only gotten half of Step 2 completed, in spite of having kept pace with all the other clues. So, today I worked along on a few more Step 2 units.

I think that I counted 15 double diamond units that I got done, being very careful to orient the slant the same as I had for the first group. Then I did a few more of the Civil War Sunny Lanes blocks, too.

I'm hoping to get 36 of the Sunny Lanes done before the February 13th deadline for the swap that I hostessing over on Blockswappers.

In spite of not having counted up all that I've done this weekend, I'm pleased with my progress!

Happy Sewing!


cityquilter grace said...

great progress vic and i love your GI blocks....i know how much time they all take....well done!

Susan said...

I always feel like an underachiever, reading your blog. :)

Nann said...

We got slushy snow Saturday and fluffier snow Sunday. The clouds blew over for a clear night (beautiful full moon!) -- but COLD! -6 this morning! We have cancelled the Wednesday evening guild meeting (forecast is a high of 0).

Janet O. said...

Heard about that weather mess when we Skyped with DD#1 in NH last night. Not fun!
Your GI blocks are great, but I admit that the Sunny Lanes blocks are the ones that grabbed my attention. That's a pattern I've had on my bucket list for years!

helen said...

I love how the blocks of Grand Illusion are coming together with your colors - great choice!
Best wishes!

Elliott Queen said...

I like how you really went scrappy with your fabric choices! Yes, the blocks do look like pink and white poinsettias! Of course, your Civil War block is very nice too. Both will be beautiful quilts!

Andee said...

You have some really fun fabrics in your mystery! Looking good!

Feathers in my Nest said...

Hello Dear Vic...things are a mess here too....I never did clean off my car..and no one cleared the walkway to the driveway, which is a good distance away for me...
Your Grand Illusion is Spectacular! I Love it..I just picked out a half a row of outer border because I sewed them in the wrong careful.

J Barham said...

Hello, Vic...where do you purchase your 'scents'? I sure would like to have some lavendar. I'm glad that you stay inside when the weather is like this. We are in Northern AR and it is cold, cold here, but no snow, yet.

Both quilt blocks are looking great!
Joyce B.

Beth in MN said...

Vic, Love the fabrics you used for Bonnie's mystery. They are softer and not as hit you in the face bright like I tend to do. You are making wonderful progress with all of your projects. Good start to the new year.
Guess I will take the "polar vortex" weather and fluffy snow to your rain/ice conditions. Keep safe!

Vireya said...

The mystery block does look like a poinsettia! It looks great.

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

I'm right with you on the ice vs. snow debate. I will add that I also much prefer pretty fluffy snow over bitter cold!

Your mystery blocks are very pretty... I have seen some that are really kind of chaotic but not yours. I'm ready to get my Sunny Lanes blocks going as my Leader Project this month.

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