Friday, January 30, 2015

Oh, Happy Day!!!

One of my favorite blogs to follow is The Busy Thimble, link, by Cyndi, which has long been on my Blog List in the right hand column here for easy access. At her suggestion, I visited Wendy's blog, The Constant Quilter, and I entered the drawing for Wendy's giveaway.
Well, YIPPEEE, I won it!!! The giveaway was for Civil War scraps that I soooooo adore. But when the box arrived yesterday, I was blown away by the embarrassment of riches! Thank you, Wendy!!! And thank you, Cyndi, too, for getting me to enter!!!

The box is 10"x12"x6" and it holds a treasure trove! Wheee! Even some orphan four patches were neatly stacked on top of the generous sized scraps.

There's nothing so inspiring than seeing all the potential of a big juicy box of scraps.

Although I won't show every selection, suffice it to say that I dug into the box to find this area filled with my favorite color, RED! Yahoo, jackpot!

Thank you, Wendy! I hope that my readers will take a few moments to go to your blog, The Constant Quilter and visit there, too. You'll find plenty of quilty inspiration!

Happy Sewing!


cityquilter grace said...

pea green with envy here vic....i spy lots of jo mortons and plenty of gorgeous scraps....oh you are so blessed my friend!

B D said...

I've known Wendy for a long time since she's bought a number of my feedsacks when I was selling on Ebay. I've also seen some of her quilts in Paducah with ribbons on them. Congratulations on winning the box of scraps.

Janet O. said...

Looks like you scored big time, Vic!! : )

SueR said...

Lucky lady, to win a box of civil war repro scraps! Good for you!

Cathy said... lucky is that...winning to begin with and then winning cw scraps to boot. Your stars must be aligned. I think mine are out of whack.

Brandon Bowman said...

It’s great that you loved the contents of your prize box, and that you’ve received a lot of treats that you didn’t expect would be included in it. Anyway, have you made use of those lovely scraps yet? I definitely want to see what you plan to do with those lovely scraps. Thanks for sharing this with us. All the best!

Brandon Bowman @ State Transport

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