Friday, January 9, 2015

Stars Among The Snowflakes

There are many fabrics that are not true Civil War reproductions, that, none-the-less will work in a harmonious way within the same quilt as the true ones. I call them, "Civil War Wanna-bees."
These latest additions to my Sawtooth Stars collection fit right into that category. The black and tan IS a true Civil War reproduction by Paula Barnes, but all the others are wannabees that pleased me.

Barbara Brackman is hostessing her newest Civil War sew along with Sawtooth Stars with new fabric choices each week. I'm thrilled to participate! The link to her delicious pages is here.
I like the 8½" (8" finished in the quilt) sized block for it's use of 2½" strips and squares, with a 4½" cut square in the center.

These are my "standard" sized stars for potholders, too, so any culls are quickly used up and offered for sale. This one pleased me enough to make a second one.

I'm also entering this post in the Friday Whoop Whoop Linky Party and the link is here.

Our Marshmallow World this morning dropped about 4" to 5" of fresh snow that was delightfully fluffy!!! Yeay! No ice at all. Can you see my mailbox way out there?

There was slippery stuff everywhere, so I asked Matthew, our star boarder, if he would please go to get the mail for me? He did! (He's 25 and calls me elderly. At 65, I might as well take advantage of it, right?)

Later in the day, after Husband Wonderful, my Felix, had plowed the driveway, the sun broke through and everything glistened like diamonds.

Oh, and that mail from the mailbox? It contained a lovely squishie envelope of swapped 1½" strips!

There are 100 light strips half-width of fabric, and 100 dark strips, half-width of fabric. I call it an "Instant Log Cabin Kit!"

Ahhh, so tempting to want to start new stuff!

Happy sewing!


cityquilter grace said...

i spy some of mine there vic...and mine came yesterday...can't wait for the sew along....

Auntie Em said...

I do the same thing with Civil War repros, that is, mixing in some other fabrics that just look like they fit in and play nicely.

Such a wacky weather day today!

Maureen said...

BB's sawtooth stars is so tempting. Making pretty stars during a snow storm - best thing to do, I say! Have fun with those strips!

Alicia Key said...

I can remember swapping strips & squares etc in the 90's when computers were new and POSTAGE was LESS! LOL It WAS fun getting those squishies! Re: your boarder- I'm officially an ELDER now! When you reach 60, the Chickasaw tribe calls you an Elder! Love your block that showed up on Bonnie's comments where mine was a pic!

Janet O. said...

I love your stars (and I like you CW wannabe name).
Lovely snowy scene, if you don't have to go out in it. : )

Beth in MN said...

Hi Vic, Love your stars. While I usually do not use a lot of CW fabrics I have had some of the wannabes. In fact, I have had some of the same fabric as the center of your stars. We do not currently have a lot of snow on the ground but I do have a son who accuses me of being from the stone age. Well, 68 (almost 69) might qualify!! LOL
Keep warm and hugs -

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