Monday, February 16, 2015

All Dug Out For President's Day!

Before I forget to post it, here is the week 5 solid overdyed green block that I made for the Barbara Brackman sew along on her Civil War Quilts blog.

I had virtually nothing to use for this week as I do not stock any solids except for some reds and cheddars. Well, I'm not counting black, white, and unbleached muslins, too.

At Barbara Brackman's most helpful suggestion, I chose a batik that "reads" as a solid when you squint at it, but it has the yellow and blue mottled variations. It is a good approximation and it begged to be worked with an Andover cheddar print.

A very long time ago, Felix, (my Husband Wonderful) and I were avid "Seinfeld" fans that had watched every rerun at least twice. In one episode, the character, Elaine (played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus), had a very funny rant over the availability of a restaurant's "Big Salad." Here is Felix's rendition of "Elaine's Big Salad."

Hidden underneath the layers of hard-cooked eggs and slices of ripe avocados are julienned Genoa salami and baby Swiss cheese over a bed of iceberg lettuce, fresh tomatoes, and English cucumbers.

It's a meal! I am so spoiled by my "Chef Felix", who loves to cook, grocery shop, and plan meals. I am most certainly a fabricaholic who loves to eat. He is a "foodie" that loves to nap under my quilts. That is why I never am tempted to go on a quilter's retreat. I live on a retreat!!!

Felix was cooking meals ahead in case of any power failures due to the ubiquitous storms, high winds, and bitter cold weather that we are experiencing. Our gasoline-fired generator will run the microwave for quick heat-ups of already cooked fare. So far, so good!

We shoveled yet another 8" of fresh snow and Miss Emma Lynne, our Labrador wanted to sniff it. As Animal Control Officers, we did have a stray beagle named, "Jessa" who visited us briefly during the storm. Before her rightful owner could pick her up, she had the audacity to pee on Miss Emma's private snow. How dare she!

Poor Mr. Tipper, one of our two outdoor-only cats, stayed right on his heated pet bed. Out in the garage he was sheltered from the high winds. This morning, at -6°F below zero, I looked for Miss Tanner, too, but she must be hiding under the snow-covered deck. I put out hot water for them both and some fresh unfrozen kibble.

As much as I have going on here at Park Hill Farm, I just had to buy the current issue of American Patchwork & Quilting by Better Homes & Gardens from Joann's for $6. It was a good investment for all of it's patterns.

I have decided to join Bonnie K. Hunter in the magazine's "Go Four It" challenge.
It was when I was snowed in and drawing diagonal lines that I saw her starting the "Go Four It" challenge. It is on her Quilt-Cam episode recently on her blog.

Like Bonnie, I was smitten by the Edyta Sitar "Scraptacular" design!

I am modifying the instructions to begin with 2" strips as I make some 4-Patches. That way, they can double their duty in the Sunny Lanes blocks that I am soon to swap.

Makes sense to me! Now that I come to think of it, they'll work in the Scrappy Jacob's Ladder blocks, too. Wheeee!

I'm just making stacks of them and I'll try to spread them around for variety. They are 3½" unfinished

Because I've changed the scale of the initial units, I realize that I'm on my own for measurements, LOL! Somehow I got these square-in-a-square units trimmed to a size that was 4¾" unfinished.

They are pretty time consuming units, but I'm having a ball doing it, so who cares?

Hope you are having some fun wherever you are sewing!

Happy sewing!


Wendy Caton Reed said...

Love that star! Glad to hear you are joining the go four it challenge. I wanted to, but too many things in the pot already. Enjoy your day! Hope your wonderful husband has made some hot soup for today. Brrr!

cityquilter grace said...

i am making 4-patches too but bigger ones for a different project...they all work! lovely star block too...

Janet O. said...

Vic, I believe you always have fun, no matter the circumstances. : )
And it sounds to me like you and Felix compliment each other very nicely--lucky you!

Anonymous said...

I want some of that salad!

Megan said...

My husband and I know that episode well and often have an Elaine 'big salad' for dinner. Indeed, if we can't be bothered making it ourselves, we drop in at the local Sumo Salad outlet and they make one especially to our order. It's not the time taken to make the salad that is the issue on such occasions - it's the expense of buying a whole lot of ingredients knowing that much of them won't actually get used before they go off.

I'm waiting for the APQ magazine to make its way to Australia - I prefer print to onscreen versions. I suspect that I'll give in to the temptation to make the Editya quilt too.

Sydney, Australia

beth s said...

Mmm....Wishing I had a cook at my house!!! ;) Thanks for linking up.

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

We are big Seinfeld fans and my DH likes to catch the reruns after dinner. Always good for a laugh! I picked up that magazine too - lots of scrappy inspiration. Love your blocks.

Janet said...

Busy, busy! Love the look of the salad. YUM.

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