Wednesday, February 18, 2015

In The Pink!

Hooray, it's Wednesday and time for the newest Civil War Quilts discussion by Barbara Brackman on her blog.
This is week 6 and the theme is Double Pinks, yeay! Here is my first effort at the Double Pinks that used a wee bit of chrome yellow, too:

The center square above is an older Sara Morgan for Blue Hills Fabrics, while the star points are from Molly B's Studio by Marcus Brothers.
My second attempt used a pretty pair of Jo Morton's for Andover Fabrics.

Jo Morton did the pink paisley in the center square, and also the background wiggly stripe in the flying geese units. The star points above are a Sturbridge Village by Judie Rothermel for Marcus Brothers. Lastly, the cornerstones are from an early Collections For A Cause line by Howard Marcus for Moda.
My Civil War double pinks are somewhat depleted as I have used many in those Bonnie Hunter Grand Illusion blocks, too. Here is her link.

I'm having so much fun designing more cinnamon pinks and double pinks blocks that I expect to do a couple more blocks before the week is over. Wheeeee! Thank you, Barbara Brackman!

Those "Go Four It" American Patchwork & Quilting four-patch blocks are growing, too. Mine are 2" strips sewn into 3½" unfinished 4-patch units.

I'm still trying to break away from my lack of blues in quilts by choosing more blue colors as I go. These were fun to chain press and then clip apart.

I wanted to be sure to include the Judie Rothermel Authentic Miniatures leaf-designed cheddar, too!

The stacks are so cool all together and they make me feel smug in my riches of four patches!!!!

For the Square-in-a-Square units, I've been cutting 3" strips with my #96 Omnigrid triangle ruler to get the four triangles that surround the 4-patch, then sliver trimming to 4¾" unfinished units.

There are only six that I have done, out of 444 needed, LOL! Yikes, I'd better get crackin'! Not so dang smug anymore, now am I?

Tuesday it did NOT storm, wow, that's a change! So I did get to go to The Sunshine Club over at The Alton, New Hampshire, Senior Center. Sue was hard at work on her double 4-patch blocks.

After I taught a lesson on making HST's, I put together that Scrappy Jacob's Ladder block that you can see laid out on the table in the above photo. It's right between the cups of free coffee and Hersey's Milk Chocolate Nuggets dispenser, LOL!

Lastly, some kitty pics: this is an empty dark picture of Miss Tanner running away from the camera flash. She is well and happy, albeit camera shy today.

Mr. Tipper, up on his perch, is still trying to learn how to fly after the chickadees at the feeder. So far, the chickadees are ahead on the scoreboard.

How's your personal scoreboard? I sure hope you're winning!

Happy sewing!


Cathy said...

Your 4P is going to be gorgeous. I have subscription to that magazine and think I'm making the first quilt. Not sure yet. Just have lots of 4Ps.

Looking forward to the Sunny Lanes too! Thanks for swapping.

cityquilter grace said...

wow your stars are gorgeous! i was playing in my solid scraps today...that and hitting the DQ that just opened....

Janet O. said...

Beautiful stars. I love the pink and chrome--think Spring!!
Your whole post is delightful. I smiled the whole time I was reading. Glad you had a stormless day for a change. : )

Wendy Caton Reed said...

Oooh! Love your pink stars and your adorable 4-patches!

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