Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Many Gifts

It was glorious to see the sun today after so many days of all-day snow!

The snow was a lovely fluffy type that plows and shovels pretty nicely, and squeaks when you walk on it.

Felix, Matthew, and I spent time working on the clean up and we had it almost done by 1pm.

My job is to sweep the cars and move them out of the way for my plow-boy and hubby, Mr. Felix! I sure did have my work cut out for me.

Miss Emma Lynne was our enthusiastic cheerleader! She rarely paused for a photo.

The temperatures climbed way up to 30°F, so break out the bikini's!!!

Years ago, I laughingly named our steeply inclined driveway, "Easy Street."

It always gives me a chuckle to see the State of New Hampshire sign (that I purchased from their corrections department) sticking out of our mammoth snowbanks.

The lower driveway to the shop building is pretty level.

The walk to the mailbox is way too slippery, so I asked Felix to stop his plowtruck and pick up our mail at the mailbox at end of the driveway.

We both roared with laughter later when we opened the mail and I found a small package containing 1½ yards of Kona Snow fabric that I'd ordered from an Ebay seller. Too perfect! So, I can't count how many inches of snow we got today, LOL!

In the mail, I was also thrilled to receive a gift from a friend of the pattern for the quilt, "Trail Mix" by Mabeth Oxenreider. Thank you, Stacey! I've hoped to do it since I received all that gorgeous Civil War fabric from Wendy's giveaway over at The Constant Quilter.

Waiting for the snow to end, I discovered a bag that held my end-scraps of the borders for a quilt that I made last summer that I called, "Twinkler Garden." It was made from Jan Patek's "Crossroads" line from Moda. Gosh, now it seems so weird to see that green grass photo way back when the lawn needed mowing!

I hopped to it and sewed up a few HST's for my newly started Scrappy Jacob's Ladder blocks.

Soon I had 22 made and pressed.

Maybe I'll do a small lap quilt with them? They are so pretty with that Jo Morton tan!

 Not sure yet, so I'll give it some time to cogitate. In the meantime, I'll keep building blocks.

We were blessed to keep our power for the whole storm and I know someone else besides me who was very grateful for that. It would be Miss Tanner on her electrically heated pad out in the garage.

Thank you, Ila, for the gift that keeps on giving to my outdoor kitties! Mr. Tipper had been there, too, but he's camera shy and runs off.

I could go somewhere right now. I'm not going to go, but I could if I wanted to. That's a nice feeling!

Happy sewing!


cityquilter grace said...

looking pretty white over there, as it is here....glad your power stayed on and you are plowed out....beautiful fabrics as always....

Janet O. said...

Beautiful winter scenery--wish we had some.
You have so many fun projects going. It is always a treat to get a peek.
You are lucky to have your own plow crew--even if it involves you. : )

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

So much snow! Our winter has been on non snowy side but COLD and windy. I'd rather have snow for Xcountry skiing and walking in my snowshoes. Such a pretty quilt and I keep all my leftovers too. Why not!

Mary H said...

I love your scrappy Jacob's ladder. I have some scraps I need to use - as all quilters do. Your pic's give me inspiration and makes me want to get busy. Also, love your pic's of the snow, we rarely have snow where I live in the deep south but you can keep yours and I will look at your pictures - thank you very much for sharing.

Beth in MN said...

Oh Vic, I think of you often as we continue to have a lack of snow. We did get three inches on Tuesday. Wow, a whopping 3" compared to your ????? of snow. I love your scrappy Jacob's Ladder. Keep your chin above the snow banks! LOL The Easy St. sign is just too cute. Love it.
Hugs from Minnesota

Vic in NH said...

Good to review this post this evening.

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