Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

Colors, shades and values I tend to be good at, while numbers, counting, and arithmetic are my downfall. I was working on those Double Diamond units and I came up short AGAIN, this time by ONE STINKIN' Unit!
Boy, oh boy, was I ever mad at myself!!! This is the last one. It is made. I. am. done.

Having those all done allowed me to put these last three blocks together, Wheee! They are pressed, too. These are the last of the 25 blocks for my Bonnie K. Hunter's Grand Illusion mystery quilt.

Yesterday was clear, although cold, so I took a trip down to Concord, New Hampshire to the Golden Gese Quilt Shop on 22 Liberty Street.

Off to the left there is a ramp for wheelies! The Friday Quilters were in full session and there was lots of fun trading stories of being snowbound this winter. We chomped some chocolate, too!

From left to right are, Maryanne, Claire (waving), Allison (Darlene's daughter), Heidi, and Darlene.

Maryanne showed us all a quilt that she found at an antique dealer's shop for a mere $30, all hand-quilted. What a steal!!! She is donating it to a charity auction and we all hope that it fetches far more than she paid for it.

Claire, below, was just finishing up her top called Illusions. A very nice-looking modern top, there!

Claire also very graciously offered to help me trim some wonky Civil War log cabin blocks to righteous sizes, and I was very happy to tip her $20 for her patient efforts. Looking at all those numbers and lines on the big Omnigrid ruler gives me the willies!!!

Allison was wrestling with her blocks trying to get them to all play nicely in a pattern. It will be a really cute quilt!

Heidi, below, was making some leftover parts of other quilts into a whole new design.

Those batiks are so vibrant that they look tropical!

As for me, I had resurrected a top made of a sewn together Jelly Roll called "Snowbird" by Laundry Basket Quilts for Moda. I had done that part several weeks ago at the Sunshine Club over at The Alton (New Hampshire) Senior Center. It had become kinda stalled for any progress on it.

After a really good pressing, I was able to get the side edges neatly trimmed and apply some borders, too.

Border Patrol always takes me much longer than I think it should, LOL!!!! But it looks so nice when it's done that it's worth the trouble.
The top, repressed after the borders were added, measured 60" by 77" before quilting. It will shrink up a bit when it's quilted. Now I'm ruminating over what I shall choose for a backing. Flannel for warmth? Or pieced cottons for style? Not sure yet!

This Jelly Roll was purchased during a lonely bored moment when I started pushing buttons on Ebay late at night. So you see what happens. Your Mother warned you about that.

Looking through my slider where my hanging Hoya plant lives, I could make out Mr. Tipper trying to see if it would be worthwhile to leap upon a careless bird at the birdfeeder.

Once in a while it pays off for him, so you just never know. His white face has disappeared in the swirling flakes.

He's awfully grateful for the narrowly carved path that I made to the feeder that allows him to go underneath the deck, too.

Miss Emma Lynne likes it, too, but she wonders a lot why I never throw tennis balls for her anymore.

I hope you're comfortably holed up wherever you are.

Happy sewing!


Janet O. said...

I enjoyed reading your post--delightful to follow your cheerful words and quilty adventures.
My goodness, you folks are buried in snow. We have none!

Susan said...

Very pretty jelly roll race. The fabrics are so soft.

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

I admire those of you who take on Bonnie's challenges and so enjoy watching from the sidelines. It looks like your quilting group is a lot of fun and that snow... Crazy!

Janet said...

Good for you for getting the Grand Illusion blocks finished! Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilts are a huge undertaking. How lovely that you got to have an outing to quilt with friends. And so nice for us to see the cheerful pieces that everyone is working on down there in New Hampshire. :)

Wendy Caton Reed said...

Can't wait to see your Grand Illusion finished. I love your combinations! Very bold. I love your Edyta Sitar top as well. As for the snow shots, I think I've seen enough thank you! We sure did luck out in this last one. We (as I'm sure you are too) running out of places to put it!

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