Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Trimming Up

If you recall my last post, it was about quilting on Pleasant Times, the top made of Clermont Farms charm packs by Moda, right?  It certainly made a pleasant Sunday morning activity!

Well, I'm working along on that one by getting it trimmed on the big table at The Alton, New Hampshire Senior Center.

This was during our Tuesday Sunshine Club time, but the Senior Center served me a lovely continental breakfast first, and then I flew off to the Farmer's Wife Group.

At the Farmer's Wife group, the cookies and the company were as good as the chocolate! From left to right are, Diane, Dawn,  and our hostess, Camille. Here is the block that Camille was struggling with because there were so many tiny pieces!

She did finish this block. Go Camille!!

Dawn brought in some blocks that were using navy blue or solid indigo for the neutrals.

They were striking!

As for  me, I sang several bars of Handel's Hallelujah Chorus from the Messiah to have completed this little Birds in the Air block, all by hand!!!! It took me four stinking months because I kept putting it off. but now it is DONE!

At home, I got busy preparing the binding for Pleasant Times.

I chose a medium blue that will go nicely against the red outer borders, but for the life of me, I do not know when or where I bought this blue and the selvedge isn't signed.

Now it is all ready to sew onto the quilt tomorrow morning.

Felix was cutting up a big rutabaga into chunks for boiling for supper. You can see above that he still had two big peeled hunks to go on the dicing into squares when this was taken.
Ahh, but at my wheedling, he saved the top of this fine waxed turnip which had sprouted. I planted it!!!! Here is my new houseplant:

That vibrant green growth is so cheery against our harsh winter landscape. My other foray into garbage gardening was to use more leftover stale coffee to dye some fabrics to a nice olde timey tan.

I presoaked the fabrics in a bit of Arm & Hammer Washing Soda for 20 minutes and then put them into the coffee bath to simmer for about half an hour. I had added some vinegar to the coffee, too, just a big splash in that large stockpot.
They say to never use "food" pots for dying, but since it's only coffee, who cares? The fabrics are all drip drying now in my shower stall because the trusty clothesline is quite snowed in.

There were some four patch festivals in my piecing moods over this past week, too.

I hope your quilting is going well and keeping you in a festive mood, too!

Happy sewing!

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Janet O. said...

So much quilty fun here. I especially love those blocks with the dark blue background, and your little Birds in the Air block!

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