Saturday, February 21, 2015

Out and About!

This is the outside of the Nashua, New Hampshire Holiday Inn on Friday. I took advantage of the fine weather, clear albeit cold and very windy, to go there for the Fabric Extravaganza held by 6 local quilt shops. It was a sure cure for my cabin fever!!!!

The prices were outrageously good with $5 per yard being the highest that I paid and most were less. I haggled for one piece and got the three yard hunk of Robyn Pandolf for Moda for a total of $5. The only thing that wasn't wonderful is that there wasn't very much Civil War type of historical fabric and the lighting in the conference room was designed to be romantic rather than to assess colors and values.

My road traveling home was fraught with big winds, but I stopped in Lower Gilmanton, New Hampshire, just to witness the huge snowplow piles stacked up on the old Stage Road by Potter's Farm.

In the above picture, the back of the standard-sized speed limit sign is dwarfed by the snowbank, as is the massive 100 year old sugar maple tree. Can you make out the snow blowing across the road that looks like fog? Those were 40 mile per hour gusts!

We watch the weather compulsively and plan our trips accordingly, bundling up with hats, gloves, coats and a quilt in the car, too.

Much more fun than standing in that wind was taking my beloved Husband Wonderful, Felix, out to eat to celebrate his 68th birthday!!

And, yes, he polished off  thirds on the Friday all-you-can-eat whole belly fried clam dinner at The Water Street Cafe in Laconia, New Hampshire. It was $25 and a great value. My flame-broiled prime rib was the middle sized 16 ounce at a bit under $20. We loved each other's company!

This morning, in the bright sunlight, I took some better pictures of my extravagant purchases.

Above are selections from Nancy Gere's "First Ladies" by Windham, some of the few authentic reproduction fabrics that I did find at the very last seller's booth. They were $2.50 per precut half yard hunks, or $5 per yard for the green scrolls. The next group, below, were some nice neutrals in oatmealy tones for $3 per yard in 3 yard hunks.

At one booth, there were a few skinny bolts that I liked and that I took the whole piece for a measured $4 per yard. Most had 2 or 3 yards left on the bolt and I was delighted to keep them on the cardboard, as you can see below.
The Marcus Brothers brown floral flannel stripe, on the far right, had a little over 4 yards and was designed by Faye Burgos. The bolt was originally $16.95 per yard and I paid $4 per yard. I was thrilled to take all they had!

At the far left, above, is that noted 3 yard hunk of Robyn Pandolf bargain at $5, along with three other various Moda choices. It will take me a while to ruminate some on how I will use all these new acquisitions, but if I die before they get used by me, I'm still very happy to own them now.

Before I go, I wanted to show you my beloved old neighbor, Alfred, enjoying his new lap quilt that I made for him.

Alfred recently turned 89 years old and we love to visit with him and his wife, Ilse.

While I was there, my other neighbor, June, was there at Alfred and Ilse's house, too, with her adult son, Hugh. Hugh was shoveling snow off of Alfred and Ilse's roof for a small fee that is well worth it.

The dangers of roof collapses are very real to us up here in the north country, especially if we get a sudden warming trend that could put rain onto the layers of snow and then it all re-freezes to ice!

Miss Emma Lynne doesn't shovel, but she does get tired from bounding through the deep snow!

Stay warm and cozy with a quilt!

Happy sewing!


Jean said...

I like your Nancy Gere fabric? Your day sounds like such fun. I so enjoy reading your blog. We had a snow and ice event last night that stopped our north Alabama city cold with just a dusting of snow followed by freezing rain. I got to come home from school at noon, and I have been sewing ever since.

cityquilter grace said...

oooh very nice haul there...and all you can eat clams? let me at 'em...looks jo mortons came today....will send u a photo

Janet O. said...

Happy birthday to Felix!
You found some lovely fabrics--that sounds like a fun kind of sale.
We actually had snow today, but there is barely a skiff remaining on the ground.

Auntie Em said...

Glad you enjoyed the sale! I was there on Friday too, but only in the morning. Once again, we missed each other by an inch!

Nann said...

Happy birthday to Felix! How nice to have a shop hop all in the same location. Looks as though you got some great deals.

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