Sunday, August 12, 2012

Achy Breaky Back Muscles

I am happiest when I am piecing blocks! There is a reason that I use my wonderful Linda Monasky as my longarmer. I really suck at quilting!! But we need charity quilts and the longarmers are too busy to do it for us. Linda told me privately that her tax advisor had informed her that when she quilts charity quilts for the guild, her time spent, her labor, is NOT tax deductable! That's a crying shame.

So this is what I've done for the past three days, quilting this little "dragger" linus-type quilt for charity. I did not make the top, with it's 1960's retro psychadelic flowers and poly blend gingham. But I did FMQ quilt it, in spite of my thread breaking constantly, birdsnests on the underside, inch-long skips, and muscle aches in my back and shoulders that ibuprofin laughed at.
It measures 35"x45" and the backing is a pretty country blue that only photographs as an ugly grey. I did an allover close meander on the body of the quilt and a scroll design along the middle of the gingham borders. The binding I'm kinda proud of, because it was my first-ever machine-applied with no hand sewing binding. If you'd like to see the link that helped me to learn how to do it, it is here:

It is not perfect, but it is done. Done is better than perfect! And some kid is going to barf on it, pee on it, chew on it and his or her Mom will laugh and wash it with Tide on hot water cycle. They will love it to death! That's a good thing.
Our dew point is  tropical 70 degrees and produced fog it is so very humid. UGH! I hate summer. Make it SNOW!!
First, grow Redhaven peaches:
Then cut them up with the blueberries and some cantaloupes from the market with just a little Splenda and chill in the fridge.
Enjoy a big bowlful of fruit compote for breakfast!
This is the man who always grumbles about my fabric purchases, but very nicely pays the bills anyway!


Auntie Em said...

I got a chuckle out of your "ibuprofren only laughed at" comment. Been there, done that.

Cute little quilt that I'm sure somebody will love.

cityquilter grace said...

tell felix those are awesome looking peaches!

Helen in the UK said...

So sorry that you had to suffer to get this little quilty 'hug' finished! Quilting on a DSM does have its 'challenges' but if you have a large flat surface to work on it really helps with the moving of the quilt. Looks like you enjoyed your fruity reward :)

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