Monday, August 6, 2012

Good Grooming!

A few days ago,  in the ultra warm days of summer, I was able to convince Matthew to take Raven out onto the deck for a bath. She loves getting all clean and the dog shampoo is a no tears variety.
She got a good scrubbing!
Look at all those suds!
Later, after a towel rub-down to dry her off a bit, she was welcome back up on the futon.
As for me, I had gotten pretty shaggy myself as you can see here in this "before" picture.
But I was so inspired by Raven's example, that I got a haircut!
Felt great, and cooler, too!

I mailed out the last of the Curious Quilter's Postage Stamp two inch squares today, and those sweet little Civil War HST's too.
The set of ten different Half Square Triangles was so pretty laid out that I was tempted to keep some for myself. But I decided that I HAVE all these fabrics so I can always make more. So I'd rather swap 'em.

The swap is open for any HST's, not just CW, but I hope we get some folks who will put in Civil War stuff.


cityquilter grace said...

love the new do vic! and raven is spic and span too! probably enjoyed it in this heat too..and those HSTs are adorable!

bertiequilts said...

and the 2-inch charm swap is off and running

JustPam said...

Your haircut is cute. I wish I could go short. My hair is too wiry and it can't be styled if it is shorted than my shoulders. :-(

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