Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sister's Choice Part I

When I told my sister that I was doing a quilt for her called Sister's Choice, I explained that she would have NO choice in its color, design, etc. She wheedled me into making the quilt as two twins rather than one full sized queen. I told her that it would take me two years and it has been almost that. So here is Sister's Choice Part I finished and bound. It needs a sleeve and a label to go into this year's Belknap Mill Quilter's Guild quilt show on September 29th & 30th.
I did the setting as 6 blocks by 8 blocks and after the two borders, it came out to be a nice sized 74X94 inches. I had tried doing it a little smaller, but it was too skimpy. This is nice!
The inner border is a very forgettable red floral but looks well with the cream and green paisley. For the binding, I used a Jo Morton (of Andover Fabrics) Civil War small stripe in two greens separated by a golden micro dot.
The nine patch blocks are mostly all Civil War reproduction fabrics from a blockswappers swap from way back when...I can't remember it's so long ago.
The creamy neutrals were all just garden variety lights, but the whole project is thanks to Bonnie K. Hunter and her free projects at her website. THANK YOU, Bonnie!!!!

The quilting was done by Linda Monasky of The Bear Paw Gallery. Linda did a large swirl on the center body of the quilt and then a lovely loop d' loop with ivy leaves on the green borders. Didn't she do a great job?
The pieced flannel backing IS ACTUALLY EVEN, but the quilt dragged down on the grass. It is an apple printed teal green panel in between two chocolate brown solid flannel pieces. The apple print was by Thimbleberries and was sold to me by my dear friend, Nann. Thanks, Nann! Here is the link to her blog:
Every time my sister would visit my house, she would walk by the table where the apple print was sitting, and she would touch it and make yummy noises. So I know that she loves that fabric!!!

As for the second quilt? Sister's Choice Part II? Well, I will need an additional 48 blocks for that one to make them as mates. I have 42 extra blocks already made up for the project. Now I need to come up with the last 6. Sigh.
Maybe next year's show Part II will be done!


Auntie Em said...

A Sister's Choice quilt for your sister, who has no choice but to love it.

Helen in the UK said...

This is gorgeous - lucky sister! That's a generous twin, so you are almost making TWO full sized quilts here, so your sister shouldn't be upset if she has to wait for part II :)

The Cozy Quilter said...

lovely quilt! Your sister is one lucky woman!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! I am a lurker who always checks out your are so productive, puts me to shame!
liz....Upstate NY

SandraB said...

You are both lucky to have each other. Aug. 5 is National Sister's Day.

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