Saturday, August 18, 2012

Many Friends; Many Thanks!

Thank you, thank you, to all the forty folks who voted for my Humble Pie in the Quilter's Gallery contest yesterday!!!! Although I only placed 8th, I was honored to be that high in the standings of 67 entries of truly beautiful scrappy quilts. I'm glad to have people see my quilts cause it takes so dang long for me to produce one!
If the photo was too tiny for you to really see what you were voting for, here are a couple of closer up shots.
I just love Linda Monasky's Ivy and Loops design in light green thread for the quilting!
I had fully intended to give this quilt away, but Felix complained loudly and bitterly that he likes it too much to see it leave. I'm thrilled that he cares for it, so at home it shall STAY!!!
After all, he's my Personal Chef! Here he is wrangling last night's supper:
My beloved unofficially adopted son, Matthew bought these for us all to enjoy because they are still selling at only $3.99 per pound. Yippee! We frugal Yankees love the bargain.
Here's mine:
It was DELICIOUS!!! And so big that I had no room for the semi-homemade coleslaw with the Marie's brand dressing that I love so much.
If you would like to know how to sex a lobster, just look at the area where the body is joined to the tail at the last of the legs. There you will find a pair of specialized flippers that that, when joined together, create a little tube for the seminal fluid to be ejaculated into the female's body, if it is a male. If it is a female lobster, she will have only soft insignificantly developed little swimming fins in the same location on her body. So now you know!


cityquilter grace said...

fortunately the gender has no effect whatsoever on the taste! they are ALL yummy, girls and boys! i saw lobsters advertised at old orchard beach for $3 per pound...they are cheap everywhere! and congrats on your votes, i never look because i never win but i enter we are both losers i guess....LOL

nhlady said...

Yay for your quilt! It's really beautiful.

Yay for lobsters! Love those critters, mmm.

Yay for your new picture at the top of your blog! A nice change.

Vic in NH said...

Hiya NH Lady!

Thanks for all your good cheers! Vic in NH

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