Friday, August 31, 2012

"Recent Developments"

When I was having the browser issues, I was unable to post my little finish of "Recent Developments."  This is my version of Bonnie K. Hunter's Happy Scrappy Houses which is a free pattern over on Thank you so much Bonnie!!!
I had great fun making the little scrappy houses. It was like playing with paper dolls when I was a kid. I made a big mess of scraps as I worked and had a ball just going with the flow of the creative process.

This quilt is going to a dear friend who has suffered a great deal of adversity in her life through no fault of her own. Husband crippled permanently in a near-fatal motorcycle accident, son killed by a drunk driver, major medical issues involving ovarian cancer and surgery, well, she's seen Trouble and knows its middle name.

This quilt also taught me not to be too much of a fabric snob. Many of these fabrics were very expensive Civil War reproductions, but I also used very old 1980's pink calicos from my stash and some Wally World (Walmart) sale scores, too. Can you see the little moon in the window of the house?
Don't forget that this is still the Blue Moon Giveaway that lasts until September 3rd. Just be sure you are a follower and leave me a comment. Please do not choose to be a "No Reply" commenter or I will not be able to reach you to tell you that you have won.
Linda Monasky of The Bear Paw Gallery in Alton, New Hampshire did the wonderful Clamshell Clouds quilting pattern on this and it looks great! If you want to use her services, click here.
As for the backing of the quilt, I was still humming, "Life is just a Bowl of Cherries" when I  picked out this happy-looking print.
You also missed out on the Red Haven Peach pie direct from Husband Wonderful's hobby orchard here at Park Hill Farm. It's sweetened with a bit of Splenda, so no guilt here!
Want some coffee with that?
And, for those of you who happen to still be smoking cigarettes, go ahead and light up and enjoy! I was able to give them up almost 4 years ago, but the beauty of this technology is that your smoke can't bother me or anybody else on the blogosphere. Be at ease!


giddy99 said...

Beautiful quilt and a lovely coordination of the fabrics! Congrats on quitting smoking; I'm quit of it 2.5 years, tomorrow! :)

Mrs A said...

lovely quilt, your friend will love it, and nice fabrics!

Rosa said...

Wonderful quilt.Your friend is a lucky girl!

Andee said...

Love this quilt...I have it on my list for someday! (It is a long list, lol!)

bertiequilts said...

love the quilt... great job... but I also would love a piece of that pie!!!!!!!!

Pinky said...

How kind of you to give this quilt to your friend. I'm sure it will warm her heart!

FeatherDuster said...

Cute quilt.

I'd sure love a piece of that pie! Peach is one of my most favorite! :-)

Fleurette said...

Love your happy houses quilt!

Marsha said...

If all your meals look at fab as that peach pie does, I can see why you don't cook!!!! Congrats to Husband Wonderful. Do you suppose he could rub some of that cooking skill off on DH? Doubt it, but I'd sure have a bigger weight problem if he did!
Nice work on the quilt and I gave up being a 'fabric snob' when I retired and had a monthly budget for quilting to stick to! Marsha

Debra said...

Hi Vic, Your quilt came out wonderful! Great job. I'm sure your friend will treasure it.....The pie looks wonderful too. Peach is my favorite! Husbands can be so helpful when they want to be!!

Helen in the UK said...

I always love a quilt with houses on it and this is no exception! Love your little village and I hope it brings great comfort to the recipient. I have this pattern on my 'want to make' list ... one day (soon I hope) :)

cityquilter grace said...

oohh peach pie, looks yummy! and that quilt is beautiful! scrappy, wonky houses...what could be better? you are so thoughtful and caring to brighten the day of this poor soul...bless you vic!

Anonymous said...

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Christy Bartlett said...

Victoria, you were the one who welcomed me at the first BMQG meeting. Sharon just told me about your blog & it's fun to read. Perhaps I'll join you at the Alton Senior Center sometime soon. We're up to the lake more now that the Legislature is wrapping up & I'm not campaigning this summer! Those log cabin baby quilts are so lovely. You're very special.

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