Saturday, August 4, 2012

Doing The Needful

Very hot and humid here, so I've been hiding indoors where the house is cool with the AC. Yesterday afternoon I received my eleven partner assignments for the Curious Quilter's Postage Stamp Swap. My 1200 two-inch squares were already cut, bagged, tagged, and ready to rock and roll! One extra set I am keeping for myself.

I immediately sent out multiple emails with my postal address and a plea for my partners to send me theirs. Very soon, I had heard from seven of the eleven and spent some time addressing, stuffing, and taping envelopes closed. Then first thing this morning, I drove down to my neat tiny little post office and mailed them out.

Then I spent all afternoon filling out the paperwork to register my quilts for the Belknap Mill Quilter's Guild show. Although my guild's show is not until September 29th & 30th, the deadline to register and be listed in the printed program is Wednesday, August 8th. It was all little details like measuring the size of each quilt, taking a photo and printing it and then labeling it, filling out the form for each quilt and then stapling them together. There is only one quilt of the six that I'm submitting that is not quite finished yet, but I plan to get on that one tomorrow.

Each one of these seven stacks of Half Square Triangles has ten units, so I only need three more to make my 100, or ten sets.
 I hope I don't get too sidetracked doing these rather than trimming and applying binding to my last quilt for the show. Maybe I'll cheat and take a picture of it without its binding just for the show registration. After all, those pictures are just for insurance identification purposes anyway.


cityquilter grace said...

cute little HSTs vic...and i know what you mean about the heat...sunday was quite breezy here and comfy at the shore, but it has been very hot and sticky....relief tomorrow they say...

Kathleen said...

Great to see you staying so busy. Good luck with your quilts. I hope you win a buch of ribbons.
What are the half squares for?

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