Monday, August 13, 2012

"Alas, Poor Yorick..."

Alas, my camera can never capture the subtle beauty of a clothesline filled with Civil War selections!!! They all look so pale and drab and washed out.
In person, those white looking things are lovely authentic shirtings on creams and ivories, each with its own delicate pattern.
The one on the left is an indigo print, and on the right is a two-toned figure of deep red and green.
These above, that look black and white, are really red on cream.
This is a warm colonial blue in two shades beside another red shirting mini dot.
This last one, the colors are truer, a cranberry stripe and a tan with green, red, and blue dots, both fabrics courtesey of Marcus Brothers Cocheco Mills line.
Now, what to do with them?

Well, I decided to try staying clear of modern-type patterns when using authentic hysterical cloth, so I chose to start something NEW but very traditional.
What could be better than an olde fashioned Snowball & 9-Patch?
What fun! No pattern, no idea how big it will grow, clueless as to if I'll be bored with it by Tuesday.

The photo above is too dark, too. That is a lovely vine print on chocolate brown and above it in the picture is a turkey red that is photographing as black. You can see that I'm still obsessed with making those sweet little bonus HST's, too. Someday, Ocean Waves, she muttered.
I did some 9-patches and then measured them at nominally 6 1/2" unfinished, since I had started with good ole' trusty 2 1/2" strips. That told me to make the snowballs 6 1/2" to match the 9-patches. Guess what?
They matched up just terrifically!!!! Yippee! The red looks a bit better here, and can you make out the pattern of little tiny hands of playing cards on that white shirting? The red cards have red pips, too.

I hope you are having lots of fun playing around today as I am!


Nann said...

I've just caught up on all your August posts. You've been a busy quilter and blogger! Your approach to design is a lot like mine. I agree about the border switch on the Twinkle Stars quilt. I do like that retro floral for the dragger quilt and from my experience this year I assure you that free motion quilting gets easier with practice. The most fun is improvisational piecing: take a stack of fabric, cut some pieces, assemble them, and presto! Great designs like your snowball/9P. (Peach pie is a summer favorite here and we invoke Dan'l Webster's "pie for breakfast.)

cityquilter grace said...

verrrry nice! and i love your new fabrics as well...and i caved, to the blacks and whites....should arrive first of next week, at which time i will show them off...

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