Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pardon My Design Efforts

Some times my design sense makes a mis-step and I think that this might be one. I was working on the last three picket fence blocks to make a total of nine. Got up powerfully early for me, 5:30am, raring to go!

I've been sprinkling my corn fabric strip judiciously throughout the blocks and I'm considering naming the quilt, "Corny Stars." What do you think of that for the name of the quilt?

I also am entertaining the idea of calling the quilt, "Eat Your Vegetables." You can see the green peas and the broccoli and the apples in the photo above.
After I got the last block sewed together, I sewed the blocks into rows, three across and joined up the rows.
Then I quickly put two borders on to it, but when I showed it to Felix, he did not like the borders. Sigh. I was crushed. But both borders are very busy and the quilt is very busy. So it's all way too busy!
The inner border is a black and white checkerboard pattern and the outer border is red cherries with green leaves on a white background.
Tomorrow night is my guild meeting. This is meant to be turned in for a comfort quilt and I want to give it to the longarmer there at the meeting so that she can get it back to me to bind for the Laconia Christmas charity baskets. It will have to do!
Meanwhile, Felix has been harvesting fresh Redhaven peaches. They did not get sprayed this year due to so much early Spring rain. I guess that makes them "accidentally organic!" LOL!
In spite of the many blemishes on the surface of the skins, they are sweet, juicy, and delicious. Just ask Raven.
 I know, I know. A dog that eats peaches is really weird. She loves watermelon, too!


cityquilter grace said...

they look yummy...i love native peaches!

Beth Probasco said...

Fresh peaches! Yummy! I can just taste the peach pie I would like to make (as well as the peaches I would eat while making the pie). Raven looks very content. Tummy must be full of peaches.

Alwayskeptintap said...

How about Starlit Garden, as a name? Corny stars might be better if the stars were of the corn fabric. (?)
I like the b/w checkers border with it! Cheers, Cathy vJ in MA

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