Saturday, September 28, 2013

Enjoying The Fall

We have just a bit of early fall colors here. Kevin Skarupa, our local weatherman on Channel 9, says we are at about 50% of the foliage turned.

This is a small stream that goes under the pavement on Coffin Brook Road.

Color is best nearest to water, lakes, streams and rivers.

No moose was here today, but in years past, I have seen a big cow moose nibbling aquatic plants here.

I had a nice day at the Alton Senior Center in spite of having forgotten to bring the Double Chocolate charm squares by Three Sister's for Moda that I had planned for a project.

After digging around in my scrap bag, I found an old Keepsake Quilting pre-cut package of 8" squares and sewed on those.

My tee shirt reads, "Easily distracted by shiny objects." 
Only Sue was there yesterday, but she had brought in her rayon velvet Christmas tree skirt that was all tied with red yarn and ready for binding.

It looks soooooo wonderful! In the photograph, the light reflects, but in person it just gleams!

Sue got all the binding attached and because it was cotton jersey knit, the binding went nicely around the curves of the tree skirt, even on the inside of the slit in the circle.

Sue had never seen the "quickie method" of making HST's by sewing around the outside of two squares (that are right sides facing each other) and then cutting the "X" through the center of both layers.
It's a neat trick! Jenny Doan of The Missouri Star Quilt Company was the first place that I had seen it on their youtube video. So sorry that I can't find the link to right one. It does, however, have all bias edges, so sew carefully!

I had a wonderful package arrive from my friend Grace in Maine! We swapped some bright orange fabrics from me to her and these are the Civil War selections that she sent in return.

They are really lovely; thank you, Grace!!! I'm sure to use these somewhere in my newest project, The Farmer's Wife! Camille from the Evergreen Quilt shop in Milton, NH, has already said that my book for it is in and that she'll bring it with her to the quilt show on Friday. Yippee!

Meanwhile, on "Kitty Patrol", I was honored to find this delightful offering laid with great care on my doorstep. Ewwwww!

As you  may be able to tell from the elongated nose, this is a small mole or vole and not a mouse. They are constantly burrowing tunnels in what passes for lawn here on the farm.

Above is "Tipper" rolling onto his back to expose his tummy to Raven. This is a sign of submission and great trust.
Tipper has really bonded to Raven since the disappearance of Spooky, the mother cat. The dog and cats are very challenging to photograph for you because they all zip around so fast, LOL!

Here's "Tanner" jumping onto my lap from the arm of the wooden chair. She is the tamest and is very affectionate. It's hard not to have favorites, LOL!

Happy sewing!


Kathleen Wilson said...

The colors are beautiful. Our weather is beginning to change just a little. I have considered The Farmers Wife, but have read comments that it is to difficult because you have to trace every template. I'm already working on Dear Jane. What is your opinion about Farmers Wife?

Helen in the UK said...

Looks like your younger kitties are really settling in. Has Raven declared a truce? :)

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