Sunday, September 15, 2013

Retail Therapy

Saturday's weather was just perfect! Nice crisp dry air with bright sunny breezes energized me. Although I do quite a bit of online shopping, I like to support my local quilt shops, too.

One shop in particular, "Evergreen Country Primitives", has just made the transition to all Civil War reproductions, so I've been dying to go. The shop is in the basement level of Camile Arnone's beautiful log cabin home on a residential street in Milton, New Hampshire. Yet it is only a block away from Exit 17 off the Spaulding Turnpike. You take the walk through the pretty flowerboxes to get there.

 And Camille is there to greet you with a big hug!

If you are staying for a class, or just want to chat, the coffee is always on the house! And there is a spotless restroom, too.
As for the fabrics, I couldn't resist those Judie Rothermel "Dressing Gowns" line by Marcus Brothers.

I have so few nice country blues that a bought a couple of yards of those, too. I mean, I have lots of indigos, but not so many in the medium blue range.

You know my penchant for parodies, so you won't be surprised that I sang this on the twenty mile drive home:

"Evergreen" to be sung to the music of "Abilene"

Evergreen, Evergreen,
Prettiest quilt shop that I've ever seen,
The cashier there won't treat you mean,
At Evergreen, my Evergreen!

Marcus neutrals were mighty nice,
Got a discount off the retail price.
If you go, you'll see what I mean
At Evergreen, my Evergreen!

When I got home, I was thrilled to be greeted by three HUGE chrysanthemums that Felix had bought for me!

Gotta love that guy, what a sweetie!

Happy sewing!

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