Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"Entrant's Lament"

Here is today's poem:

Entrant's Lament

My quilt show comes
As the summer leaves.
But can you guess
My two pet peeves?

Labels and sleeves,
Labels and sleeves!!
       -Victoria Carroll-Parkhill copyright  2013

Whew! I have been working hard to get final details done to ready my quilts for my Belknap Mill Quilter's Guild quilt show on the 5th & 6th of October. So I've been hauling them out, making sure that I have them measured, and making labels and sleeves.
In my haste to sew this label onto Cappuchino, I managed to put it on perfectly, but SIDEWAYS!
Too bad! I'm leaving it that way, LOL! I love putting a tiny line of Elmer's Clear School glue (starch based glue that washes out completely) on the folded under edges of my label and then heat setting it with a hot iron. That keeps it from shifting for when I stitch it down.

This one I even machined on! Egads, woman, have you no pride? LOL!
The sleeves are all temporary and pinned on, but it takes effort to make and pin them onto the quilt. I chose to work on my bed rather than the driveway so it was a backache rather than sore knees.
What was I thinking when I bought that hideous fabric? Ugh! At least as a sleeve no one will really see it, LOL!
This was a sleeve that I had pieced two years ago from the leftovers of the backing of my Cotton Candy (Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll by Bonnie K. Hunter). That's what's on the bed, peeking out from under the back side of Mr. Bojangles.
All the really cool quilters in my guild have been making gorgeous quilt bags, but my quilts will be stuffed into a Joann's go green bag.

I still need to do Easy Street but I have a sleeve made and a label made, just need to attach them.
I'm putting in six bed sized quilts and on Monday, I was in a blind panic. I could NOT FIND my Cappuchino quilt anywhere in this hoarder-crowded house!!!! Yikes! I looked everywhere, even going out to look in the trunk of my car. After hours of being in a tizzy over it, I said, right out loud,

"Saint Anthony, please help me find my quilt!"

I went back, for the thousandth time, into my guest bedroom. I just stood there in the doorway. Then the thought crept over me that perhaps my missing quilt, which had been folded and in a plastic bag, might have slipped off the far edge of the bed and over onto the floor where it would be invisible? ahhhah! Yes, there it was!!!!! This old Unitarian loves Saint Anthony!
And not least, I bound 12 of those happy star potholders and that took a few days to do. Yippee!

Stay calm and quilt on!


Janet O. said...

Great poem, Vic!
Hope everything gets put together in time for the show!! : )

Beth in MN said...

Your poem is a CUTE!!! Good luck with your show.

Nann said...

For our guild show we can just pin sleeves on. I cut up an entire bedsheet into strips, sewed the strips into tubes, and cut them to size.

Elaine Adair said...

Sideways - yeppers - been there done that!

Great fun and pleasure to see bits of your quilts for the show! One time I made up Avery Labels on the computer, printed them out on "Printed Treasurers" fabric, leaving dates and title blank. Then I ironed on fusible, and left the backing paper on. When I need one, I cut out with pinking sheers and fill in the blanks -- this helped take some of the work off my shoulders! 8-)))

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