Monday, September 2, 2013

Icky Sticky

My Labor Day had no particular plans this year, so I'm not complaining that my picnic nor beach day was ruined, but geez the rain and the humidity here have been awful all weekend! Dew points of 73 are listed by the weatherman as "tropical." Central New Hampshire is NOT supposed to be tropical! Ugh! Will summer never end? Make it SNOW!

Well, with the AC on and the big fan aimed right at me, I was able to do a bit more hand hemming on my big 99" X 96" Easy Street. I love this backing that was a Hancock's of Paducah sale purchase, with it's dainty red strawflower on an off white light beige background. It was from The New England Quilt Museum and was 108" wide so I didn't need to piece the backing.

The other wonderful thing that I did on Sunday, was to work on my one paper-pieced block for next year's Belknap Mill Quilter's Guild raffle quilt. I was supposed to turn it in last month, but I couldn't FIND IT in all my rubble! Egad! I had put it in a safe place. It did surface. It had been right beside my wing chair the whole time. Whew.

And I'm proud to say that I also found my "Add-A-Quarter" ruler for paper-piecing that I have NOT used since completing last year's guild block one year ago. I had put it away in my rulers cache like a very good girl last year and never touched it since.

I know that this was a very easy log cabin design and very well-marked by the guild's raffle quilt committee.

I'm just not used to all the little fiddly steps in paper-piecing to be able to accomplish one seam, so all the flipping and folding and positioning can goof me up.

But in the end, I was able to accomplish my goal and the block is done! I'd like to shout out a big cheery "THANK YOU" to my friend Grace, in Maine, for helping me to remember that the fabric pieces go onto the BLANK side, and the stitching goes onto the PRINTED side, LOL! I figure that in another ten years or so I'll have enough practice to do it all by myself.

Hope your holiday weekend is lots of fun for you and yours!

Happy sewing!


Janet O. said...

Nice job, Vic. That paper piecing can be tricky to get the hang of--as much as I have been doing for the past year, I still have to remind myself of that little fact! "Fabric on the Blank side!!" : )

cityquilter grace said...

very good job vic...i am impressed! keep up the good work...

FeatherDuster said...

Pretty block. I do like the results of paper piecing, but I really don't enjoy DOING it, at all. English paper piecing, on the other hand, can keep me happily busy for hours upon hours.

Glady said...

Nice job on your paper piecing! I am right there with FeatherDuster and am not fond of that technique either. It's a bit tricky for sure.

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