Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pure Indulgence

Okay, okay, so I'm no longer a quilter, I'm a fabric collector. Today I indulged myself.

Yes, that IS a Keepsake Quilter's souvenir Tee shirt from this year's Tent Sale in June

LOL!!!! I know, I know, I was just at the Mothership (aka Keepsake Quilting's retail shop in Center Harbor, NH) just LAST weekend. So what am I doing there again, only seven days later?

Well now, it IS Labor Day Weekend and they ARE having a 15% off any regularly priced yardage sale! That's enough to make a gal sneak away while the hubby's not looking and take in some retail therapy, isn't it?
As I drove along, I even made up a new lyric to the old folk song known as, "Skip to My Lou". It goes:

Going to Keepsake to buy me a yard,
Going to Keepsake to buy me a yard,
Hafta pay cash 'cause I maxxed out my card,
Skip to my lou my darling!

I love to sing old folk songs as I drive along in my old sedan no matter what people think as they look at me, LOL! I'm having fun, so who cares?
Never mind all of that now, let's look at the loot!

That lovely Civil War cheddar right on top is Hampton Ridge by Paula Barnes for Marcus Brothers, and I splurged on it for a whole yard. It was $11.20 per yard, YIKES! But cheddar is very hard to gauge on a computer monitor, so I try to avoid buying it online.

The other four fabrics were all half-yard cuts of light neutrals in Civil War selections, so that brought my total purchase to 3 yards. With the discount, that came to $28.56, nicely under $30, YEAY!

I tried to pick lights that had that lovely antique tea-stained patina. The lighter one that is flipped up in the above photo is "Pin Money" by Pam Buda for Marcus and I love the dusty rose pink figure on it. I had a scrap of it from Keepsake and wanted more of it. I'm pretty sure it is Buda, but the name was cut off.

And you know me. Anything that leans toward the red family attracts me like a hummingbird to a butterfly bush.

This little "Rooster Fields" by Benartex is technically a yellow, but the shade is a wonderfully soft and mustardy tan. I don't usually buy Benartex because although their designs are always scrumptious, I think that their cloth itself that they print it on is a bit thinner than I like.
Marcus Brothers always sells me a really beefy cotton cloth and I love them for it! I've seen too many old quilts with one fabric that disintegrated and spoiled the whole quilt's life. I hope my quilts will last a couple of lifetimes, anyway.

By the way, I was not the only one who was purely indulgent today. When I got home, I laughed at my "watch dog." That's as in, "Watch them take the silver, Watch them take the jewels...and so forth.

Miss Raven, you look like the late Charles Schultz's "Snoopy" on top of his doghouse in the cartoon strip! Ahh, she says, "I must get my 19 hours of beauty sleep!"

It's the holiday weekend. Do something purely indulgent for yourself! Blame it all on me, LOL!

Happy sewing!


Janet O. said...

I like you parody, Vic--and I love the fabrics you chose!!
Purely indulgent, huh? And you will take all the blame? Who can resist that!! : )

Crickets Corner said...

I am so envious of your being close enough to Keepsake to just jump in the car and run up there, but then again maybe that's a good thing. I laughed out loud when I read your ditty, love it! Such pretty fabrics and at a good price, have fun with them.

Nann said...

Well, WE could have told you long ago wht you have finally deduced for yourself: quilter/collector. Though collector is a better term than accumulator, isn't it?

Did Felix figure out where you had gone?

Kate said...

Hey there, Vic! I just got back from Keepsake. I couldn't resist their sale, either! Sorry I missed you!

cityquilter grace said...

you are in good company my a package from cyndi today...LOL nearly 2 yds of a jo morton stripe for a quilt i saw of hers in a mag....just about a month until i will be at keepsake...and janet too i think...LOL....let's parteeee!

nhlady said...

Happy Labor Day weekend, Vic!

Your friend in Loudon.


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