Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Quilt Show Booty

As promised, I did take some pictures of the sweet groups of fabrics that I bought at the Ladies Of The Lakes Guild quilt show on Saturday.
The wonderful grouping above was from The Seasoned Saltbox owned by my dear friend, Cheryl Wentworth. She sells half yard cuts at shows exclusively, all precut, for $3, and as you can see, she has great taste in her selections. There is a group shop, called Just The Thing, where she has a booth in Dover, New Hampshire. Cheryl did have lovely greens and browns, too, but I have recently ordered those colors from Whittles Fabrics online. If you haven't discovered them the link is here.

The lovelies above were bargains from Camille Arnone of The Evergreen Country Primitives Quilt Shop in Milton, New Hampshire. Those one yard cuts were only $5.25, yum! Camille has promised Civil War reproductions coming in soon, yippee!
There were ten FQ's from The Winnipesaukee Quilt Company, owned by Marcia Harris-Bell, and they were only $1 each. I also picked out six more FQ's from Footprints Quilt Shoppe in Rochester, New Hampshire, owned by Kelly Jerome. She is soon moving to a much larger facility in East Rochester, New Hampshire.
The grouping above was mostly from the guild table at the show where Fat Quarters went for $1.50 each.
I sure did have fun collecting some pretties to play with and visiting with all the shop owners, too!

Yesterday's scheduled veterinary appointment for Spooky to get her first visit with all her shots was a complete failure. Felix and I tried to capture her and that was easy. But when I tried to place her into the cat carrier with my right hand firmly grasping her by the scruff of the neck and my left hand underneath her supporting her weight, she went ballistic!
Felix was standing by, ready to close the carrier door. He was trying to help guide her body into it. We were both very badly scratched in her panic, Felix worse than I. Sigh.
So today it was Dr. visits and pharmacy trips for us to get Augmentin, a powerful antibiotic to treat the potential infections from Felix's deep wounds.

Spooky never bit us. Her scratches were only in her trying to dig into anything that would give her the traction that would allow her to jump or run away. Both Felix and I are Animal Control Officers, so we have had our rabies inoculations. We looked like chumps today.
As for Spooky, she stayed away for 24 hours but came back very hungry. I fed her and she was rubbing up against my ankles again. I think that I need to begin a program of leaving feed inside the cat carrier to get her to not fear it. Liver pate, anyone? LOL!

Stay calm and quilt on!


cityquilter grace said...

nice stash indeed! my new stash comes tomorrow so i will have a picture to share as well...we MUST stop this now....LOL

Janet O. said...

You had WAY too much fun with the fabric shopping.
Oh, so sorry about your being wounded in action. I was caught in a cat fight once as a child. I think you had it even worse.

Helen in the UK said...

Hope those scratches heal up soon. At least you have all your lovely fabrics to console you ... what about poor Felix?!!!!
Loved the show of quilts from the show too :)

Susan in FL said...

Whittles Fabrics is well worth the online visit. I hope to get to the bricks and mortar sometime in our travels.

Have you tried using an old towel to bundle Spooky and contain the four paws. I had a difficult cat and was able to wrap him up, leaving the head poking out and just put the whole bundle in the carrier. Also, I used a regular top opening heavy cardboard carrier. It's definitely a two person job. One to bundle and securely hold and place down in carrier. The second to immediately close the top.

In any case good luck to you with the cat transport.

Great fabric choices!,

Susan in FL said...

Another kitty suggestion...if all else fails ask your vet for a mild sedative...for Spooky...not for you, lol.

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