Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Wandering Work Habits

My day just doesn't feel right if I haven't done any piecing. Sometimes I just like to noodle around with no big particular purpose. I never quite know how it begins nor just where it leads. I enjoy it that way. It is definitely discovery learning.
Today my process started with a few lovely pieces of Civil War scraps that were gleaned from the last "stuff-a-bag-for-$5" at the Keepsake's Quilting booth at the Ladies of the Lakes Quilt Show.

They were almost quarter of a yard scraps, but often shy of the mark.

I squared them up and cut them into strips at 4 1/2" and 2 1/2" with a leftover "string" for my strippy scrap basket.
I'm using the 4 1/2" pieces in two ways; once for 4 1/2" squares that become the centers of my Sawtooth Star potholder blocks,

and also for the 4 1/2" EZ angled HST's that I'm making for a "Milky Way" quilt from Fons & Porter's magazine. If you are interested, the link is here.

These HST's units measure at 4 1/2" unfinished and will be paired up with 4-patches of the same dimensions.

I am trying to keep these in the scrappy Civil War fabrics, but there are a lot of repeats when you do a WOF strip for strip-pieced construction techniques. Oh well, life is full of compromises, LOL!

I'm still making potholders to sell at the show, too.

Whenever I do the flying geese, I do bother to make the little bonus triangles, so I get 8 of them for each Sawtooth Star.

I started finger pressing the little HST's open, trimming their little dog-ears, and then playing with them.

The four tiny HST's measure 3 1/2" unfinished when put together as either a broken dishes or pinwheel block. So cute!!!

Then I recalled that I had made a huge cutting error back when I had been working on Easy Street that resulted in too many of the 3 1/2" Civil War green squares. I dug around on my cutting table, and, sure enough, there they were!

They were cut in sets of four matching units of the greens. I have no idea just where this will end up! But it sure is fun to play along the way.

Speaking of Easy Street, I am happyve to report that I've stopped procrastinating and sewed up the binding strips.

They are a very deep burgundy red that looks tomato-colored in this flash photo above. I did get them sewed onto the front of the quilt and joined together.

 I've been hand hemming the binding on any day cool enough that I can stand to have that big heavy quilt on my lap. So far, I'm one third of the way around with two corners done. I still need a label and a hanging sleeve before the show on the first weekend in October.

Since you haven't suffered a kitty patrol picture in a few days, here is one to show how big they are getting!

Spooky, the mother cat, is on the far left in the foreground, and she is sharing a bowl of milk with Tipper, one of her 3 sons. He is as big as she is, but she was always petite.

Happy Sewing!


Janet O. said...

You scored some lovely scraps when you stuffed that bag!
I love what you are making with the little pinwheels. Whatever it becomes, it is fun so far!
Even those of us who don't have cats can appreciate a cute kitty photo. : )

Nann said...

When you first posted kitten pictures I reminded you of the Three Little Kittens....now you have inspired another blast from the past:

It's become an earworm for me! I'm happy to share with you.

cityquilter grace said...

what a wonderful mistake that turned into lemonade! beautiful fabrics, very nice potholders and blocks....love those little pinwheels...

Rose said...

You have been busy....I made one log cabin from Civil War repros...it is my husband's quilt.

If you have never seen them, google the term 'Simon's cat' and then hit the you tube link...Cat Man Do is one of my favorites...it is so our Bubbie Cat....but the others are really good, too. I love Fly Guy and Let Me In...oh, and TV Dinner.

You may have heard of them, but anyone I know that has cats likes them.

Elaine Adair said...

We quilters are just toooo wierd! I just LOVE that Easy Street all piled up around the machine while you sew on the binding. The colors are so appealing! 8-))

Rose said...

I meant to ask you--how many layers of batting do you put in your potholders and do you use insul-bright?

Debra Robinson said...

I made way too many green squares too!! Mine will be harder to use as they ate 30's fabric. I love what you are doing with yours tho. so pretty....Your kitties are gorgeous Vic.

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