Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How Sick Were You?

Ugh! A 24 hour virus gripped me for 48 hours with body aches, low grade fever, and, of course, violent diarrhea. Now with the help of some asprin and imodium and a lot of bedrest, I'm feeling better but still weak.

I do have a finish to share with you that I photographed just before the bug struck me down on Sunday.

This is, "Tumble Inn", a twin sized random scrappy tumbler quilt made with Missouri Star Quilt Company's 5" ruler/template. It measures about 58" x 80". The link is here.

The batting is Soft'n'Crafty that I bought a roll of at Joann's with a coupon, and the backing fabric was a plum-colored twin flannel sheet from Goodwill's big store in Concord, New Hampshire. I think it was $3. I had to trim those tumblers along the two side edges because the backing just barely covered them!
The binding was fabric that I had bought online. It is bias-printed so it makes a spiral, and I just love the look of it!

The last shot was to show you the quilt AND Felix's prize-producing Red Haven Peaches still on the tree. They are not yet ready for picking, but soon!

I hope you are all well and healthy!

Stay calm and quilt on!


Janet O. said...

Can a 24 hour virus last 48 hours? : )
So sorry you got hit hard by that bug. Glad you are improving.
I love "Tumble Inn"--the quilt and the name!

Helen in the UK said...

Glad you are feeling better now. The tumbler quilt looks very cozy, especially with that flannel backing :)

cityquilter grace said...

oh vic so sorry you were down with illness...but i love the tumbler and the backing AND the binding-terrific!
and i saw those peaches when i was using the "facility" last week....hoping to get a few!

Rose said...

I will take a Red Haven, if you please....please, please! I like the quilt...

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