Thursday, August 8, 2013


Remember those two little 40" x 48" Quilt As You Go panels that I had made in July?

Well, I know that I had said that I wanted to play around with joining them together, but I changed my mind. I've done so many potholders with machine binding that I felt that my skills were well sharpened.

I chose my binding fabric carefully. The chocolate with the golden tan squiggled stripe was a Retro Geo line by Faye Burgos, I think. Perfect!!!!
I had just one yard of it, but I loved the way it looked on the first panel. I wanted to do the second panel's binding in the same fabric. Would I have enough?

I held my breath and worked on applying the binding and had EXACTLY a three inch piece leftover. Whew! But it is on and machine bound.

I wanted to offer these two for sale at the Olde Home Day that Gilmanton, New Hampshire celebrates on Saturday where I'll have a booth on the midway.

I did put simple labels on them, naming them both, "Cattails & Clover," after the Kansas Troubles Moda title.

Because I used an Andover Jo Morton for one backing, and a Henry Glass cheddar for the other, neither one of these quilts can qualify as being 100% Kansas Troubles fabric. That means that they are not eligible for the Kansas Troubles Quilt Contest. The link is here, if you are interested.
Oh well, if I can't enter them, maybe I can sell them!

Also this morning, I machine bound the last two Sawtooth Star Potholders! So now my potholder basket is all full and ready for the sale. My goal had been to get 20 made and I did 24 for a full two dozen. Yippee!!!!

 The potholders are priced at $6 each or two for $10. Tomorrow I will make a few more catnip mice to sell for $2 each. I have about 30 now but I like to start with 50 of the mice. Maybe I won't sell anything, but I'll be prepared, LOL!

Happy sewing!


cityquilter grace said...

cute little quilts...and i wish you the best at the sale....if i had known far enough ahead, i could have made you some american girl doll clothes....they have sold well at other venues i've seen...oh well, another time.

Janet O. said...

Nice quilts, Vic. Such warm and cozy fabrics!
I hope your sales are good!!

Debra Robinson said...

Beautiful quilts Vic, you know how much I love KT fabrics. The backings are perfect, love them both....Your potholders look too good to be potholders! I wish you sell everything you made! Have fun!......Kisses to Raven & the kitties.

Kathleen Wilson said...

I always love your colors. Good luck with your sale and have fun.

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