Monday, August 5, 2013

The Ladies Of The Lakes Guild Show

Saturday was the start of some lovely cooler weather with sunny bright and dry air. I celebrated it by deciding at the last minute to go over to Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, two towns away, to The Ladies Of The Lakes Guild Quilt Show.

I love the small local grassroots quilter's shows! They are more real to me because they are not so intimidating nor as exhausting as the bigger shows.
This was the guild table sales area in the foyer of the high school and I was pleased to give a home to a few of the fat quarters for only $1.50.

It was also fun to stuff a plastic zipbag full of rolled scraps from Keepsake Quilting's booth!

I found one box of their scraps that were Civil War reproductions and I was so happy to stuff my bag for $5.00.

I had planned to stop at that, but then learned that these baskets contained 5" precuts of charms that were deemed "seconds" by the ever-fussy quality control department at Keepsake. Those bags were priced at only 5 bags for $5.00, so of course, I needed those too, LOL!

A few of the quilts really pleased me, like this bright red one. I know, I know, red is my neutral, LOL!

I love the scrappiness!
Here is a closeup: I was sooooo inspired to learn how to do one of these! Now where did I put that Tri-Recs ruler set, LOL?

This next quilt looks black but it was actually a rich navy blue solid background.

Next is a very pretty Asian fabrics quilt.

Don't forget to enlarge the pictures by clicking on them.

Aahhhh, such lovely reds! And scrappy, too; what's not to love?

But now, really, red snowmen? That's a lil' farfetched, don't you think?

See? I'm not the only one who loves seeing red!

 I was horrified that there was no credit given for this Olde Worlde Santa sculpture that was used as a prop because it was so good looking, but maybe it had been commercially produced since it was made with cheater fabric.

He was so cute beside his red velvet cupcakes!

The next quilt was not scrappy but it appealed to me in color and design.

The last quilt that I photographed, I somehow missed getting the legend, but it was called "Trip X Two" (82" X 63") by Susan Rabin. She said,

"A friend from Wisconsin simplified this pattern. Ann Gallo simplified it even more. After making one block, I became obsessed and created this scrap quilt from a friend's stash in a couple of days."

Here is a closeup so that you may drool, er, rather, I mean appreciate the delicious scrappiness!

Oh. yes, I hit the vendors, too and had a field day acquiring little-needed but much beloved fabrics, LOL! If I can I'll show those tomorrow.

At the end of the show, I enjoyed an afternoon coffee and a homemade brownie with a little cherry frosting at the quilter's cafe.

It was the perfect ending to a perfect day!

Stay calm and quilt on!


Elaine Adair said...

Thanks for loverly quilt show!!! 8-))

cityquilter grace said...

oooh delish both the brownie with cherry frosting AND the quilts....anne gallo is a name from the past from the defunct new england quilters' guild--pre-museum era...lovely quilts and can't wait to see the new stash!

Nann said...

Thanks for the slide show! I have made a note of the one with the mini 9-patches -- a great way to use the BlockSwappers' bounty. (And the closeup of the quilting was helpful, too.)

Now, how much 19thc fabric do you have???

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