Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fat Quarter Frenzy

Yesterday I answered the siren call of "The Mothership", also known as Keepsake Quilting's retail shop. It is located in Center Harbor, New Hampshire, about an hour's drive away from me.

It was a lovely day with cool dry air that felt crisp and invigorating. The Mothership had emailed me that the shop was having a Fat Quarter sale this weekend of 20 FQ's for $25.00 if you buy the full twenty. It is a huge bargain of $1.25 per fat quarter as opposed to their regular price of $2.50 each. I had been looking forward to it for a week.
By the way, what does a quilt shop quality Fat Quarter cost you regularly? Or on sale? With or without shipping costs? Even though this is a good price, it went up from this Spring when it was $20 for 20 FQ's.

It is doubtlessly heresy, but I wore my new Stashbuster tee shirt just for fun! On the back of it, it reads, "Shop the stash!" and the irony of buying fabric while I was wearing it was not lost on me, LOL!
Because I went early, the shop wasn't too crowded where the big cutting table was spread with FQ's.

But there were plenty of happy quilters stocking up by the time I was ready to leave.

My bag got a Judy Rothermel red tie-up bow and the second bag was a set of 20 FQ's that I bought for one of the gals at the Friday morning Sunshine Gals. She had given me the cash and I hope that I picked out stuff that she likes. She gets the blue tie-up bow.

When I got home, I took these pictures of my loot!

They are almost all Civil War reproductions.

There are just a few that are not authentic Civil War reproductions, but of those, I made sure that they would work with the Civil War stuff.

Uh oh! Too much fabric; what to do, what to do????? Why, start a new quilt, of course, silly!!! LOL!

Happy sewing!


cityquilter grace said...

nice stash there girl...and of course the part about busting stash was on the BACK so you couldn't see it and could ignore...such a lovely day too..i worked but am sewing this morning! yippee!

Beth in MN said...

Oh Vic, I wish I would have had that shirt to wear as I was visiting shops in the MN Shop Hop. It would have been a hoot!! Great fabrics. Can't wait to see what quilt you decide to make.

Auntie Em said...

I bet it was fun to go fishing for fabrics at the fat quarter sale.
The price of fat quarters near where I am is closer to $3.00 now. I also notice a trend that shops are cutting more half yards and less fat quarters. I know it means more sales for the shops, and I support that they need to stay in business, but I would rather buy 2 different fat quarters than one half yard.

Mara said...

Great haul, and your a great buddy to shop for a friend. I think those are pretty good prices.

Janet O. said...

Hey, DD#1 was there yesterday, too, but not for the FQ sale. I don't see her in any of your photos. : )
You made a nice haul. Lovely fabrics.
FQs around here go between $2.75 & $3.00. yours were a real steal!!

Marge Gordon said...

I've seen FQs for between $3 and $4 and I won't buy them unless I need that fabric and they don't have it on the bolt. I find in some shops a half yard is the same cost or just a wee bit more than a FQ.

Patti said...

You are lucky! We used to have a couple shops that had fat quarter sales, but no longer. Depending on the local store I pay from $3.25 to $3.75 (for batiks) per fat quarter. When we went camping near Bend, OR in June two shops had all their fat quarters at $3.25, including batiks. The third shop charged $3.50 and $3.75 for batiks. But then fabric around here is expensive. $11.50 to $12.50 per yard, and up to $14.50 for batiks.

I support my local shops but I also order online a bunch. And I have NO business buying more fabrics.

Debra Robinson said...

Wow, did you score! :-) Our local shop (2 miles away) never has sales! I've never seen one anyway. Owned by the lovely Valerie Morton.

Rose said...

Oh, wow, would I have loved that...not that I need it. I usually pay around $2.25 for fat quarters, but think they are starting their climb up. Just a couple weeks ago I paid either $2.50 or 2.99...that was at a totally new shop to me. Not sure what the one charges that I usually go to.

kathy said...

Stashbusters are not supposed to e buying but who can resist not me. Just a reminder did you prune your wisteria?

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