Sunday, September 22, 2013

Lovely Autumn Days

Wednesday, I stopped off briefly at "The Dump-Run Cafe" which is located in our local Gilmanton Community Church basement. Their coffee is always delicious and there is freshly brewed decaf available, too. You never know what pastries will be offered as they are always home made and varied, donated by church ladies. I had the square ginger bread, yummy! The volunteer band was playing, too. Just leave a voluntary cash donation in the basket as you leave, thanks!
I was on route to the Sew & Sews which is the sit'n'sew group of my guild, The Belknap Mill Quilter's Guild to give a brief overview of the strippy Quilt-As-You-Go quilts.
We had lots of fabric thanks to Camille Arnone at for these soon to become Comfort Quilts. Thanks, Camille, for donating 28 bolts of fabric, wow!

Just look at all those fun colors being cut into strips!

You gotta see the cute froggie fabric here!

Then, later in the week, I was at The Sunshine Girls at the Alton Senior Center.

It is a bit hard to see, but I am holding up an ecru cotton crocheted disc that Pauline had just made for my Featherweight!
She made me two for spool-pin discs and they look so authentically antique. Thank you, Pauline!!! I want to mention that Subee had also made me one and enclosed it in a swap package. Thank you, Subee!
We had a ball passing around the Hersey's Nuggets and sewing. Pauline is doing a cute wallhanging for the Barnstead Community Church children's room.
And Sue was busy breaking every rule of quilting as she made her rayon velvet backed by navy cotton jersey Christmas tree skirt. If you tell Sue that you can't do that, she'll prove you wrong! You GO GIRL!!!!!

Back on the home front, Raven still loves to be outside in the lovely fall weather with her kittens. We haven't seen Spooky or Tiger in over a month now, but Tipper, Tyler, and Tanner show up for snacks and playtime three times a day.

The two boys, Tipper and Tyler love to wrestle and ponce on each other!

Although Felix is horribly allergic to cats, he is able to enjoy their silly antics outdoors.

By the way, at the end of the tape, you can see Raven is devouring a crab apple that she found on the ground. She loves to eat fruit and loves the peaches, too. Go figure!

Happy sewing!


Auntie Em said...

No more Momma Kitty in residence? Aww! Hope she and Tiger are still together.
No shortage of quilty fun in your life, is there? Sounds lovely!

cityquilter grace said...

such a cute spool doily! i could make one just not so inclined right now...and must say you look stunning in your stashbuster tshirt...and that fabric....ooooh la la! i am guessing this is what she replaced with civil wars?

Cyndi said...

Those are darling little spool-pin crocheted disks! Sounds like you have a really fun, and energetic, quilting group!

Janet O. said...

You are one busy lady--always going and doing something somewhere!
Isn't it fun to watch kittens frisk? : )

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