Friday, September 13, 2013

My Lucky Day!

Happy Friday the thirteenth to you! The day was filled with showers and a very sticky uncomfortable dew point of 64. Ugh, will we never be done with this terribly humid weather?
The good news is that as I took Sue's Blue Lemoyne Star into the Alton Senior Center, it was not pouring! You can see the quilt hanging up on the French door in the back ground here.

That's Pauline smiling as she works with her "new" Kenmore sewing machine that my Matthew rescued from the free room at the dump.
So few young people sew anymore! Nowadays, when Aunt Suzy dies, everybody wants her jewelry, but nobody will take her sewing machine. Well, this one sews beautifully but needs a good cleaning and oiling, which is just what Pauline will do.

As for that Blue quilt, everybody at the Senior Center loved it, including the most important person, Sue, it's owner! I know that she paid me cash in advance to do the quilting, but I wanted her to be happy. I was so glad she loves it.

Sue is working on her whirling star rail fence quilt next in lovely shades of soft green, tan, brown, and blue.
As for Margery, she's been doing a bit of crochet, but I gave her 81 five inch squares that I'd bought inexpensively on Ebay. There are 27 each of a green, a red, and a cream.

We ate chocolate and drank coffee and had lots of fun. Because I don't like fish, I chose to skip lunch and run home to my freshly made California Tarragon Chicken Salad, LOL! Yummy!

At home, my cutting table downstairs is a disgrace! But I know where everything is in that mess, so I play along and refuse to clean it.
With the constant showers today, it was too wet to use my marvelous driveway as a layout area. That meant that my stack of Cappichino II blocks just sat waiting for a nicer moment. You may recall the Cappichino quilt that was my very first longarming project earlier this March? Well, I have decided to make another one!

It's just a large scale log cabin done in browns and creams with 2 1/2" strips so I was able to put the 12 blocks together in a couple of days. I got all the blocks pressed, too.

Two dear friends, Ilse and Sharon, both raided my potholder basket to get a jump on early Christmas shopping. Thank you, ladies!

I'm honored that they like my work enough to give them as gifts!

But it also meant that I needed to replenish my supply a bit. So these are a few of the blocks that I've been making for them.

I even made a point of cutting into some of my newer fat quarters that I had gotten at the Ladies of the Lakes quilt show, wheee!!!!

Just look at that one on the left in the above photo. It is way too busy, what was I thinking? Oh well too much coffee that day, I guess, LOL!!!

Stay calm and quilt on!


Janet O. said...

Looks like Pauline is thrilled with her "new" machine. How nice.
I love the pot holders and had been thinking that I need to copy your idea, but I haven't started. : )
Beautiful brown log cabin!!

Needled Mom said...

Those older machines are such workhorses too. I'm glad it was recovered.

Your blocks look great.

cityquilter grace said...

nice potholder squares, even the busy is a much better day here, there too i your fabrics, girl!

Elaine Adair said...

My word, girl, you are a dynamo lately - perhaps the cooler weather? Or... what do you eat for breakfast? LOVE that the old machine was saved and USED, LOVE all the stars and all the GREEN projects!

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