Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Golden Day

The sun came out and our time at The Friday Quilters at The Golden Gese at 22 Liberty Street in Concord, New Hampshire was great fun!

We had such a big happy group sharing the tiny parking lot that we had to park in stacks of cars, knowing that we'd be asked to move when blocking someone else. Nobody minded a bit!

That's Heidi holding up her tropical batiks project and begging me to wait until it was further along. It is coming out terrific, dontcha think?

We haven't seen very much of Beverly this winter for a very good reason. She has been training a new puppy!!!!! His name is Yoda and he was afraid to come out of his crate at first. Puppy Mom Bev was on her knees to reassure him.

Hi, Yoda!

Yoda is a Yorkshire terrier mixed with Shitzu, I think it was. He's adorable!

Beverly had a whole bunch of these blocks made up for a quilt that she's making for her grand daughter. She thought that she'd use red borders, but then decided to go with a perfect purple!

Allison has her pastels all sewn together as a top and it really looks wonderful!

She liked the first one well enough to try a red, black, and white version, too. You go, girl!!!

Debbie was working on a Tee shirt quilt for a Maine friend and she did a beautiful job of sandwiching it on the big tables, then pin basting the layers together.

As for me, I did a lot of boring old quilt top pressing, but then I had more fun sewing pieces using "Scottie," my Scotland-made Singer Featherweight.
Soon I was sewing without thread and we all started to laugh at that! I popped a new bobbin in and then we were off to the races again.

The Blockswappers group on Yahoo keeps me in a good supply of matching sized 4-Patches and HST's. I'm sewing them into blocks for yet another Scrappy Jacob's Ladder. Here are the first six blocks of the "Brights" version.

Now those, so far, have been kept apart from the blocks of the same pattern that I've been making at home in "Traditionals." Here are some examples of those Traditional fabrics:

I'm not sure if I'm going to mix them all together in one quilt, or keep going and make two quilts. As my dear old Dad used to say when he was alive, "Victoria, we'll see, and that's final!!"

While at home, I made another madder block for Barbara Brackman's sew along on her Civil War Quilts  blog.

Just for good measure, I did another Sunny Lanes block, too. That brings my total to 17 now.

For all these 12 inch blocks, I like to make 36 blocks to set them 6 by 6 and then add some nice borders. That's my general plan anyway, but as the piles of blocks grow in my Quilt Cave down cellar, I do constantly lose count of just how many are done. 
Some days, when my mojo is low, I do my impression of the miserly Scrooge McDuck (Donald Duck's rich uncle) counting and recounting his money, and I count all my finished and pressed blocks. Then I feel smug in my riches!

Count your blocks.
Count your quilty friends.
Count your blessings.

Happy sewing!


Elaine Adair said...

Thanks for letting me visit with you all - I really wanted to play with YODA longer!

Janet O. said...

Looks like a delightful day at The Golden Gese--and I have always wondered, how do you pronounce that word "gese" and what does it mean?
You have so many wonderful scrap projects going, Vic. I tried to choose a favorite, but I love them all!

helen said...

Love the scrappy Jacob's Ladder blocks! I am really tempted to make one!!
Thanks for the lovely pictures!
Best wishes!

Unknown said...

I love your 9 patch with the 4 patches and hst's. Neat idea.
Looks like you all had a great time.

Wendy Caton Reed said...

Looks like you had a fun weekend! Happy stitching.

Vic in NH said...

To those of you who've wondered, the word "Gese" of The Golden Gese Quilt Shop is a play on the owner's surname and it is pronounced just like the word, "geese."
Vic in NH

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