Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Every Kind of Weather Day!

"If you don't like New England's weather, wait a minute", goes the old saw. Well today that was so true! Mild sunshine, soft breezes, huge clouds, quick showers, even a brief burst of pea-sized hail were all experienced today.

Those are some pictures of the hail on the deck.
Last night I had a lovely time at my guild meeting and showed Windmills to a nice round of applause. I really enjoy that positive feedback. Only a quilter can appreciate another quilter! So when my guild shows approval, it really means something.
On the way to the meeting, I had stopped off at Walmart for a couple of things and was excited to see that they had already put out some annuals. My marigold seeds never germinated this spring, so I bought a couple of six packs and a dusty miller. They just look so cheery! I even bought one to put into the guild's door prize raffle just for fun.
At $1.78 for a six pack, who could resist spreading some joy? I will need to watch the nightly forecasts for the next six weeks to be sure we do not have a killer frost. It is not until Memorial Day that the danger is past.

I also fielded a couple of easy dog calls as the Animal Control Officer. When it is Spring, all the village family dogs all seem to decide to go out for a romp in the woods to find the decomposing remains of whatever died over the winter and is now thawed out and stinking. So Felix & I become the clearing house for the lost or found hounds.

But the most fun I had today was poking along on some more Sister's Choice blocks. I got four done and pressed today. There are 19 that were done from way back whenever, so that's 23 made out of the 30 that I need.

It felt good to go back to working on something that needs finishing because it let me pretend that I have some self-discipline. LOL!


Elaine Adair said...

Whether they get "done" into a quilt or not, those Sister Blocks look good to me! 8-)) I think I have some half started around here someplace.

Sara said...

I really like those Sister Blocks...

We had some weird weather here in Claremont - It was raining really hard up the road - yet at my house the sun was shining...go figure!

Rough night here in New Hampshire...such sadness!

Debra said...

Hello Vic, We also had Hail, Sun, rain, clouds, back to Sun!! I was busy Wednesday planting Pansies, and starting my Begonia bulbs indoors. Won't be long now! ....I Love, Love your Sister's blocks. Love that fabric & pattern. Haven't done much quilty things lately, been busy painting my parlour. Happy Sewing... Debra in Ma.

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