Friday, April 27, 2012

Goofing Off

Monday I mailed off my Yellow 2 1/2" strip sets for the washed swap group, They are a wonderful group and the washed section is hosted by Subee, while the unwashed section is hosted by Judi. I've been doing a swap a month with them in the strips. Here is what 100 (10 sets of ten) yellow strips looked like before I mailed them off to Indiana.

The snack sized zip baggies are just perfect to hold the twice-folded half width strips! I had a hard time coming up with ten different yellows or golds or cheddars, but I had just bought some cheddars and prewashed them, so it worked out.
We have enjoyed a week of lovely spring days that are just too nice to be in a basement sewing. The fresh air police insisted that I go goof around outdoors. I was so happy to see my Red Dynasty tulips actually blooming! That meant that the whitetail deer did not eat the buds of all the blossoms as they have done in the past. I put out the clumps of Matthew's hair from his haircut and also laid down my dried eucalyptus sprigs that I had bought decades ago from Pier One Imports.
The yellows  that you can see are the little double-headed "Tete a tete" daffodils with a few dandilions cheering them on. I love dandilions! Felix hates them and tries to keep them mowed before they go to seed.
They are so hardy and cheerful with that bright yellow!


Kathleen said...

Love your tulips. Did the hair and eucalyptus keep the deer away? Wonder if it would work with dogs??? I planted new tulip bulbs last year. Had about six different colors, mixed them up in a bucket and then planted them. It was exciting to see how they bloomed. My mother really enjoyed the bouquet I made for her. Now my roses are blooming!

Debra said...

Hi Vic, I know what you mean. I lost all (12) of my Hyacinths to Chipmunks I think. Also lost a row of variegated Hostas to Chipmunks. My DH is always at war with the critters, But I think they're adorable still. He says they eat the roots? My Japanese Maple is just fine after that really cold night last night. How are your Blueberry bushes? Did they survive?

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