Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sewing With My Scissors On

As a huge Bonnie K. Hunter fan, I have truly embraced working with leaders and enders as I do my piecing. It means that I send through an ender to push my block unit out onto the other side of my sewing machine, where it is ready to be clipped free to sew upon it again.

As I work the Sister's Choice blocks, I find myself NOT bothering to set down my scissors in between passes. It was hard to photograph this but here is work being pushed through while the scissors were still in position on my right hand.

I know that it looks awkward but it really works for me. It sure does make this 62 year old quilter feel like a very naughty first grader to have those scissors held wide open as I use my fingertips to flip pieces into position and to push them under the needle. Saves lots of time! Do any of you guys do this, too?

Over the weekend, I stopped off at the local feed store where I buy my wild bird seed.
Christine and Buzzie run Valley Dam Feed in Barnstead, New Hampshire, just off Route 28. About a month earlier, I had called Christine to order some replacement chicks for my dear neighbor friends, Alfred and Ilse.

There are 6 New Hampshire Reds who will lay brown eggs, and 6 Americanas, who will lay fancy colored eggs such as green and blue. I had a flock of laying hens here myself for 10 years, but I got sick of winter chores with them, so I do not keep them since that weasel or raccoon cleaned me out. Never did figure out which it was, but no matter, it was the last straw for me!
Ilse is only 80, so she has more patience than I do. Alfred, at 86, had a senior moment and left their henhouse door open one night last month. Yep, you guessed it! Probably the same damn weasel. All their hens were slaughtered and only the rooster survived. So now, with these baby chicks, they are back in business. The little ones sure are cute!


Laurie said...

I have yet to do the leaders and enders trick. Since my machine has an auto cut button, I really don't waste much thread... but the idea of having quilt pieces done for another quilt is so tempting. The little chicks are sooooo cute!!!

Debra said...

Good Morning Vic, No I've never tried that trick. I usually cut all my pieces at once. Love your Machine, so pretty! ....The Chicks are just Precious!!

Kathleen said...

Love those little chicks. Our neighbor has hens and brings us a carton of 18 eggs every other week. We don't eat that many a week, so we end up giving them away and using them for our pancake breakfast at church.
Looks like you have a production line going with those scissors.

Michelle said...

I'm not nearly that coordinated -- would either sew my hand or lop a finger off!

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