Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Too Hot, Too Soon!

This week continues to be a rollercoaster ride of temperatures. Monday it was 90, Tuesday it was 70, and today was a more seasonable 65. Felix has been too busy to get to spraying the orchards of our hobby farm and everything was popping open today. Yet there is a possible frost tonight! Yikes!

Here is what it looked like today:

 Raven is already scratching and I found a dog tick on ME! EWWWWW!!! We keep a "Tick Jar" which is a small glass jar with a little kerosine in it and drop any tick we find into the jar with tweezers. Ugh, they are so horrid.
 These are the new Juanita variety of daffodils that just got planted last fall. Their trumpets are supposed to be bright orange but they grew to be a little washed out, colorwise. I still love them and don't mean to complain, it's just that mine never look as nice as the ones in the Breck's catalogue. LOL!
These are all Rose Nectarines in full blossom. If they are frostbitten there will be no fruit at all this year.

When I was at the Walmart pharmacy, I spotted this bargain 100% cotton quilting fabric in the remnant bin that was almost 3 yards!
I am thinking about using it on the Scrappy Houses sashing. It's kind of a go-with-everything dark neutral. I have an ancient Cranston VIP that is a nice deep green that would work too. Not sure yet!

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Kathleen said...

Hey Vic, I know the feeling. We planted new fruit trees and 2 new dogwood trees the week we had 70's. We had frost 2 days the next week and may have lost a couple of the trees. The weather this year has been nuts.

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