Friday, April 20, 2012

Waxing Philosophic

Doing my piecing teaches me both patience and self-discipline. I do one step at a time and often, it is very repetitive. I like that.
It isn't boring, because it can be very freeing to allow my mind to wander while I am sewing little pretty bits of colored cloth together. When I was younger than 62, I needed projects that were finished instantly so that I could feel the rush of success very soon, like within a day or two. Now I work on projects that take me months to complete and I must defer that final gratification.
Now I set small, reasonable goals for the day so that I can feel great about small increments of success. I'll tell myself to just make two blocks for today and be pleased with that.
Sometimes when folks have visited my blog, they comment on how busy and productive I am. That feels a little strange to me, because although I value their compliments, I feel like a slacker sometimes. It takes me some inner strength to put away that kind of negative self-talk and be very happy with whatever I DID get done that day.
Here are yesterday's Civil War reproduction Sister's Choice blocks:

I hope that they are as fun to view as they were to make!


Laurie said...

They're gorgeous Vic... well done. Every little bit adds up. Sometimes it's just easier focusing on a little bit here and there, than it is to keep thinking about the "big picture". I think that stresses people out more. Your method works for you and that's what counts. :)

Debra said...

Hi Vic, they look perfect! Great job....We all do things differently that suits our personalities. I go thru phases with my quilting, on & off. I also cross-stitch & knit to break things up & keeping them from getting "stale". I have to be inspired to work on any project. I also love to power sew, which Bonnie takes care of every November! .....Happy sewing. :-)

Nann said...

Did you hear about the guy who named his car Philosophical so he could wax it?


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